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Threes company

So wife and I played with the idea of bringing another man in to our fun. We both liked the idea and it really turned me on to think about watching my wife get fucked by another man. Well about two weeks ago we were at home on a Friday night watching porn after a particularly hot mmf video I looked at her and said let's go out and find a playmate. I urged her to dress slutty and after a little while we were in the car and on our way downtown. We went into a popular little bar and ordered some drinks. After about an hour and a few drinks she pointed towards the pool tables and said I want him, I knew immediately which one she meant, he was about 25 tall and slim with an athletic build. I was so nervous I almost backed out but I swallowed my fear and approached the table. He was with a couple of guys but no girl. I introduced my self and bought him a drink. We shot a couple of games of pool and I noticed my wife on the dance floor. I nudged him and pointed her out not mentioning who she was. He told me how hot she was and how he would like to give her a good fuck. At this point I told him who she was and that we came there to find a third. I gave him our address and told him to come by when he was done there. We were both very excited on the ride home. When we arrived at home she went to the bedroom to get ready. Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door, I opened it and it was the guy from the bar. I invited him in and offered him a drink he took a seat on the couch and I called my wife to make our drinks. She came in to the room wearing a red and black plaid school girl skirt with black thigh high fishnets and a white see through blouse with no bra. As she entered the room you could see her breasts through the shirt her nipples rock hard she walked by and into the kitchen to make some drinks. As she was standing there I asked him what he thought of her outfit. He said it was very sexy and that she had an incredible ass. She came in to the room and sat the drinks down imasked her to turn the TV on and as she did she bent over showing us her tight little ass and a white thong. When the TV came on it was the porn we had watched earlier showing a woman take two large cocks, I called her over to the couch and she sat down between our guest and me. As she sat I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out I put my hand on her head and pushed her down on my meat. As she took my cock in and out of her mouth I positioned her with her ass right in our young guests face, he immediately started rubbing her ass and clit. I stood up and put her on her back on the couch. He pulled her panties off spread her legs wide and buried his face in her pussy. He sucked her clit and fucked her hole with two of his fingers after a while of this I told him to fuck her pussy. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a monster 10 inch cock. She looked at his dick and said holy fuck that's a big cock. I reached down and spread her pink lips apart and leaned down and spit on her cunt for extra lube. He rubbed his large purple cock head up and down her slit. Finally he started to push his cock inside her she started to squirm and I sat down and pulled her top half up on my lap I grabbed her by the throat and told her to take that big dick like a good little slut. Finally after a couple of pumps he slid his full length inside her. She moaned and tried to move but I held her still while he pounded away. Looking down I could see that his shaft was covered in her cum. He fucked her long and hard and finally he asked me where I wanted him to cum. Up to this point I had always imagined it on her tits but there in the moment watching him fuck that tight little pussy I said I wanted him to cum in her pussy. A few more pumps and he came hard and deep inside her. At this point I said to him switch places with me and make her clean the cum off of that big cock. We switched places and he stuck his big dick in her mouth at first she didn't seem like she would take it all but he grabbed her hair and shoved his hard cock all rhg way in her mouth. She gagged and choked and had spit running down his shift and out the corners of her mouth while he held her hair and fucked her throat.mean while I was in position and had my hard dick in my hand ready to stick it inside her.I could see his sticky white spunk running out of her snatch and down to her ass hole, I slid my cock inside and immediately felt his hot sticky cum all inside of her as I slid dick in and out I could see his cum on my shaft and feel it running down my balls. It was just too much to take and I came hard deep inside her., when I pulled out I said to her clean all of our cum off my dick like a good little slut. She took my dick I'm her mouth and licked all three of our cum off my cock.after she cleaned us up I told him I wanted to watch her ride his cock. He lay down on his back and she lowered her self down on his enormous prick. After watching her ride for a while i moved in behind her and slipped my hard dick right in to her tight little ass hole. She screame a little and then settled right into it taking two dicks like a pro. We were both pumping our cocks in and out of her holes, I could feel his cock sliding in and out of her pussy while I fucked her ass, finally we both came again filling both of her holes with spunk, we pulled our cocks out and took turns shoving them in her mouth once again. This was our first but surely not our last threesome
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frekyj69 2 months ago
Great story,
borock44 10 months ago
very hot story' you guys are living the dream and your wife is so fucking sexy.

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Threes company
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