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Wife shares herself for me.

So my wife knows I'm a huge baseball fan. My team was in the World Series and I missed out on getting tickets to go. I told her I would love to go downtown near the stadium to watch the game, as the atmosphere would be crazy. My wife agreed and said we could make it a date night just the two of us. Well the day came for game one and she came down with the flu. So games one and two where spent at home watching the game and taking care of her. She felt pretty bad and said if the series made it back for games 6 and 7 she would make it up to me.

It turned out that the series came back to town. I was pretty pumped that I would be able to go be apart of the excitement. The morning of the game my wife woke me up with my dick in her mouth. She gives amazing blowjobs. She sucked me till I came and swallowed every drop. She looked up and smiled and said we are gonna have fun tonight. I'm so excited.

We got ready for the game and my wife was looking hot. She was wearing a red pullover fleece with black leggings. Her ass looks amazing in leggings and they leave nothing to the imagination. As we drove to the game she kept fingering herself and putting her fingers in my mouth for me to taste her. Her pussy is by far the best tasting pussy I have ever had.

We arrived downtown about 5 hours before game time. We headed to a bar to grab some drinks and food. We chatted with people and drank quite a bit for a couple hours. I told my wife I would love to be able to get into the game. Ticket prices were through the roof and there was no way we could afford it. She told me we should walk around the stadium and see if we could find some that are super cheap. I knew that wouldn't be the case but I figured hell we might get lucky.

We talked with a few ticket scalpers and they wanted a mint for any ticket they had. We decided to give it up and head back to the bar. My wife looked up at me and said I'm so sorry we didn't get tickets. I had a plan to flirt with one of he scalpers if they were cute. Then maybe they would have given me a deal. I laughed and said I'm sure you could get them for free if you flirted with them. As we walked up to the bar there was a guy standing there with 4 tickets he was selling. My wife looked at me and said he's pretty cute. Maybe we can get a deal. We walked up to him and my wife asked how much. He said he had two standing room for $250 each and 2 seats for $500 each. I knew that was to much and I started to walk away. My wife grabbed me and said let me try something, stay here. She walked back over to him and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and said something back and she pointed at me. They chatted back and forth for a couple mins. He shook his head yes and she waved me over as he walked away. She said we need to follow him.

As we followed him I asked my wife where we are going. She just kept smiling and said we are getting tickets. I was pretty excited at this point. We walked to a parking garage and took the elevator up to the 4th floor. We when got out he walked over to a suburban. I looked at her and said what's going on? She replied with you've always said you want to watch me go down on another guy. So I offered him a blowjob for the standing room only seats. I was shocked! I mean it's always been a fantasy to watch my wife with another man, but this was totally unexpected. I said alright I'm cool with it if you are.

He opened the rear hatch and told her to hop in. He followed her in and told me to sit in the second row. There was plenty of room as the rear seats were removed. After I shut the rear hatch and hopped in the car he wasted no time pulling his dick out. My wife looked at me and smiled as she grabbed ahold of it and started stroking him. His dick was roughly the same size as mine. She seemed really enjoy having it in her hand. She slowly lowered her head and started licking the tip and then sunk her mouth over it. As she sucked his dick she kept constant eye contact with me. The harder she sucked and slurped on it the harder and more excited I got. He looked up at me and said you are a lucky bastard. She sucks a dick better than any girl I have ever had. I nodded and said I would have to agree. After a few minutes of her sucking she pulled away from his dick and said. I'll let you fuck me if you'll let go of the $500 tickets. He said done! She opened her purse and pulled out a condom and slid it on him. I almost fell over! We don't use condoms and haven't for years. Why did she have one? It didn't matter much I was about to take my dick out and start stroking it.

She pulled her pants down to her knees and got on all fours and stuck her ass in the air. She looked up at me winked as he slid his dick inside her. Her eyes rolled back as he started pumping harder and harder. She looked back at him and said fuck me harder. He grabbed on to her hips and thrusted hard and deep into her pussy. The clapping sound of him railing her was loud and fast. He started groaning as he slowed and pulled out and said suck me till I cum baby. Without hesitation she turned around, slid her mouth around his dick. She sucked every last drop of cum from his dick. He gave me a high five and said your wife is fucking amazing man! He then took a ticket out of his bag and handed it to her. She asked where's the other ticket. His reply was if you want a second ticket you have to fuck my partner too.

She crawled over to me and handed me the one ticket and said I could go and she would get a ride home. I said no way I want you to come with me. She asked me if I was saying what she thought I was saying? I whispered in her ear that I am rock hard, and what she just did was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. She leaned over the seat grabbed my dick through my jeans and gave me a long passionate kiss. She pulled away and said call your partner!

My wife pulled her pants the rest of the way off leaned back and started rubbing her pussy as she looked at me. I wanted to climb over the seat and start eating her right there. We waited for about ten minutes before his partner showed up. He was about 6'5" and pretty built. He opened up the rear hatch and took the second ticket from his partner as he got out. He looked at my wife and said wow you are beautiful! He quickly climbed in, closed the hatch and started to unbuckle his pants. He took his dick out and my wife said no way! It was about the size of a dildo I bought for her that she says is too big. He told her he would be very gentle. She looked at me and I said baby it's your choice.

She pulled him over by his belt and took his dick in her hand and lowered her mouth over the tip. She stroked him and tried fitting him deeper in her mouth but couldn't handle it all. She pulled away and said if you're planning on putting that in me you'll have to get me nice and wet. She flipped over stuck her ass in the air and said eat me. He leaned over and started licking her pussy from behind. I told him to lick her ass and he quickly started flicking his tongue on it. She started moaning loudly and pushing her ass up to his mouth. He buried his tongue in her ass deeper and started to stick his fingers in her pussy one by one to get her ready for his monster. She looked up at me as she started to cum. She is very loud when she cums! She collapsed and laid on her stomach and said that was amazing!

The guy was on his knees stroking his cock slowly as he stared at my wife. He asked you got a condom girl. She replied with your friend used my only one. She looked over at me and asked me if it was cool if he fucked her bareback. I said I'm cool with it if you are.

She rolled over on her back and said I'm ready for ya. Let's see if it fits! He slowly rubbed the tip of his dick up and down her soaking wet slit. Every time he got close and stuck the tip in her a little she would gasp. After a couple minutes of him teasing her pussy he slowly stuck his dick inside her. She gasped and moaned as it sunk in the first time. Her pussy was stretched pretty wide as it hugged every vein on his dick. She started to tremble and moaning louder as she came on his dick. I had never seen her cum from just penetration. As he slid in and out of her I could see and hear how wet she was. His dick was covered with her juices and every time he slid into her you could hear the suction of the wetness. She looked up at me and said I want him to cum in me. Tell him to cum in me. He looked at me and I simply nodded. That's all it took for him as the next thrust her buried his dick deep in her. She reached up and grabbed my arm as he emptied his load deep inside her. He pulled out and laid the second ticket on her stomach. He said man you are so fucking lucky! That is the wettest pussy I have ever fucked! I said thank you. He opened the hatch hopped out and said you can clean up just lock it up when you're finished, I gotta sell the rest of my tickets.

She was laying there on her back looking up at me smiling. Her legs where spread and his cum was leaking out of her and running down her ass. She reached down and scooped some up with her fingers and put them up to her mouth and licked them clean. Then said why are you just sitting there? Come reclaim your wife!

I couldn't get over the seat fast enough. She unbuckled my belt and pants and released my dick. I quickly put the tip of my dick in her cum filled pussy and plunged in. I could feel a definite difference in how her pussy felt. I was the third guy in less than an hour to be in her. She was stretched out a bit and super wet with the mix of his cum and her juices. I started fucking her hard as she wrapped her legs around me. It didn't take long before I was pumping my cum into her pussy as well. I rolled off of her and she sat up and took me into her mouth. She sucked my dick clean and said She loved the taste of his and my cum at the same time. She gave me a kiss and said get dressed, we have to catch batting practice.

As we walked to the game I couldn't help but be turned on by how she got the tickets for me. I had always wanted to go to the World Series and watch her with another man. Who knew I would get both in one night. When we got to the seats (which were pretty darn good) I asked why she had a condom in her purse. Her reply was, I always keep one just in case I run into a hot guy and need it. She teased maybe one day I'll tell you about how many hot guys I've ran into.

Our team won with a walk off homer! It was a pretty amazing night! I love my wife!
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holepuncher69 11 months ago
Hot story and good way to get tickets
larryjohnston 11 months ago
great story...hope your wife was getting shared in Cleveland!
ukvoyeur3 11 months ago
damm hot story

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