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A cuckold story

Added by 4 years ago

Very hot cuckold play

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shortisbest 5 months ago
nice short hair
Booker30 5 months ago
Very well done & true for us anyways. Looks like our weekends, 14 years & counting.
yakitty 7 months ago
absolutely stunning
runesowelo 11 months ago
Superhorny...this hot,white slut-couple!!! Nigga-seed is the best...hmmm,i love it!!! rs.
doogaldog 11 months ago
Takes those cocks like she could go all night - awesome
wanderer76 1 year ago
very hot slut!
wirbeide66 1 year ago
so würde ich auch mal meine Frau erleben dürfen
FantasyMMF 2 years ago
She is very sexy
redalfa69 2 years ago
Damn I love Liane
FAGGOT4BBC 3 years ago
Absolutely loved this video
anotherjoe 3 years ago
karpov76 3 years ago
fucking great! thanks for sharing!!!
max_68 3 years ago
Thumbs up and added to my favorites; thanks for sharing!
mjsocal 3 years ago
voyerhusband 3 years ago
My wife admitted that while she was in high school, she sucked off a black a black man & let him play with her tits. She freely admits his cock was huge & that it turns me on when she says things like how do you feel knowing you kiss the lips that sucked off a huge black cock , but refuses to do one
divanoxx 3 years ago
The monkey is the white dude so hairy.
thedreamsbig 3 years ago
black man dominating that pussy
rivage5 3 years ago
very nice !!
wanderer76 3 years ago
does anybody know her full name?or any other videos or pics with her?
hl72 3 years ago
I want do the same with your cock...
CreemLicker 3 years ago
I want to lick her too
Celine-Fache 3 years ago
Well said, cuckie!
in reply to DickLover59 (Show the comment)
devilspy 3 years ago
As a bi stud who loves fucking married women as cuckold watches or listens, I can tell you cuckold pays for expenses. Cuckold is humiliated by how slutty his wife gets with a stud. Wife and I make cuckold lick my balls and suck my cock. Clean my cock and her pussy. Cuckold is naked but for panties and maybe chastity. Cuckold services wife and lover. Married women once they have had real man cock deep in their stretched pussy, they crave it like a drug.
TheCatzzMeeow 4 years ago
I love how the husband sits there watching it all, while wishing it was him getting fucked by her lover, then having to settle for eating his cum out of her pussy. But, let's face it, he loves that too, and does it happily. Great video. She is fantastic.
paulb4fun 4 years ago
Always the husband pays. For dinner, drinks, hotels and condoms if needed. The black master pays for nothing and gets everything. Including and especially the slutty willing wife.
TheOracle 4 years ago
Who pays for the motel room? The hubby , wifey or the black dude?
Ibjorker 4 years ago
Love this, thanks for sharing !
imaje1200 4 years ago
Great vid hmmm x
DickLover59 4 years ago
Most guys would feel angry for being in second-place to another guy in his wife's affections, but after you start seeing yourself as a cuckold, there comes a point where you just accept that status as the way it "ought" to be, and from there you just feel way less afraid and insecure about it all! If you fight it, though, that's when things get crazy. Better to be a consciously accepting cuckold, than not! That's been my experience, for sure.
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