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assphem 3 hours ago
video sucked, first of all none of the guys had big dicks, and most could not even get hard
dklover56 20 days ago
Love love love this. 
Persi76 20 days ago
My penis is rock hard after watching this movie ...

I imagine I see his wife so flooded sperm, and kiss passionately and the guys all the time for us bursting with sperm
dubdick 1 month ago
I'm going on holiday tomorrow. Doubt I'd be this lucky
bobavakian 2 months ago
love the beginning on the beach
dom_uk_guy1966 2 months ago
thats what i call a holiday
bbcforwhitefamily 2 months ago
chrisfun69 4 months ago
Totally oawned
brookie6946 4 months ago
bert180 5 months ago
Holiday sex with lots of eager n1gg4s. I can't wait to repeat my experiences of this xxx
bonnyboss 6 months ago
Not hard dicks lol...
domazel 6 months ago
I love this video
pperiandros 7 months ago
A supreme bitch for BBC.
droogyxxx 7 months ago
nice amateur clip
bennyfinger 11 months ago
THat no titted ugly ass white trailer trash piece of shit skanky nasty hoe better be thankful niggers will fuck anything with a hole in between there legs
Love2BeBi 11 months ago
Nice video......
yutubeslut 1 year ago
this is from an old VHS tape. it must have happened 25 to 30 years ago.
mudman4497 1 year ago
Well used slut! Very nice!
iggy12344 1 year ago
Hot video.Too bad blonde wife was not wearing wedding band.Using a condom is a no no unless removed and cum is sprayed on wife's body and face.Just the way my hot wife loves it.
Would have loved to see her sucking off all the bulls 1st as this is my wife greatest thing sucking bulls and getting CIM.
bmarsh_sj 1 year ago
the first 2 1/2 minutes of this were incredible.
denman70 1 year ago
Ohhh Yesssssss!!!!
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ana_s74 1 year ago
una vera scorpacciata di cazzo!! si ma deve essere una professionista per farsi sfondare a ripetizione in quel modo!!
likewhatusee 1 year ago
Sooo much fun!!! Love it!
easybk 1 year ago
tell that to the 12 inch black cock i sucked on the subway
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sebsalope 1 year ago
I'd like to see my wife bitch be fucked like that!
Needsumcum62 1 year ago
Was hoping the husband would eat at least some of that cum.
HungHornyNEPA 1 year ago
I hear ya there...some black guys I'm friends with told me that the 'all black guys have telephone poles for cocks' thing is a myth...YEAH, some of them have them but most of them are like you and me...not racist at all but I just don't see the attraction...there's nothing they've got that I can't give ya myself... :-)
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DirtyMinded59 1 year ago
Nice vid. Thanks for the upload; liked.
lerner9 1 year ago
A supreme bitch for BBC...
GinaSiv 1 year ago
some of the smallest black dicks i have ever seen...
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