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Abigail Spencer's Leaked Masturbation Videos

Added by 2 years ago
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khalekana 2 days ago
She's so heavenly gorgeous
khalekana 2 days ago
You just summarized everything i was going to say and about to do <3
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lilly-lil 1 month ago
so hot! this makes me horny :>
bored925 1 month ago
Fucking love her. Going to start watching that Timeline television show just because of this video and to support her. So nice to see a woman so confident in her sexuality and willing to explore and memorialize it!
sexorcist-mk 1 month ago
Damn,hot vid
saucepom 1 month ago
lastwild 1 month ago
lastwild 1 month ago
beautiful and sexy girl
aron_i 2 months ago
so hot
davsug 4 months ago
We've seen her butt hole. She should do porn
yakitty 5 months ago
So hot!! Great vid!!
misssue 6 months ago
we all do it, we just don,t get caught out like this
guesty82 6 months ago
AS you are wonderful. You are now my favourite actress. XXX
midgetkitty 6 months ago
not the real abigail i have the real leaked one
InvisibleAlmost 6 months ago
I never thought of her as a attractive until I saw this.
Cantdecideaname 6 months ago
She obviously made this for someone who betrayed her trust.
ohhaidere 7 months ago
Sucks that Timeless got cancelled but maybe that will give her more time to make more of these videos ;)
cynicalbicycle 7 months ago
I don't know who abigial spencer is but I know I'd fuck her till kingdom come... what a body...
asslover111 7 months ago
mmmmm yes
darxew 7 months ago
Is that really her or just a look alike?
davsug 7 months ago
Love it when she bends over and shows her butthole
MickyZ88 8 months ago
Best looking woman wanking off for the camera in the world. Only other vid that cums close I'd Swedish Woman Masturbating!
MickyZ88 8 months ago
Hope she gets a thrill on every new date whatever she is thinking about the guy has probably seen her wanking and cumming!
MickyZ88 8 months ago
Not just a gorgeous star but the biggest slut and porn star in Hollywood!
carly25f2 8 months ago
I love her, and she makes my pussy cum every time
carly25f2 8 months ago
a beautiful actress, and a very sexy girl,.she loves masturbation and i love cumming t o her sexiness, damn she is beautiful if you read this Abigail, I respect you
Big_Benjamin 9 months ago
I would give all my worldly possessions just to eat that pussy until she cums.
ace007007 9 months ago
She is amazing
5x5cocky 9 months ago
I've no idea who she is. That does not matter! What I do know is.......That is one beautiful lady that knows what she likes and I like it to.
porn_lover_nc 10 months ago
Quite amazing...
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