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Amateur Brunette Mature Wife Bangs 2 Blacks and Hubby Encourages Watch Read Rate Comment!

Added by 8 years ago

It's true...encourage your wife in her endeavors and she will be supportive of you! In this video hubby is heard a few times cheering on his wife as she bangs two black men! You know she will be very happy to help him achieve his goals as well!

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styrnikov 1 month ago
Is the cameraman from Australia ?
Cartolafc 5 months ago
Ruby Eaton
amatuerwife4black 9 months ago
Great video !!
sidelock 1 year ago
Good video, pity about the camera work. Just loved the FF nylons.
amylicious90 1 year ago
no i want to
in reply to Evilboy222 (Show the comment)
Evilboy222 1 year ago
you ever try that?
in reply to amylicious90 (Show the comment)
amylicious90 1 year ago
love the ending
FellatioM 1 year ago
Hot as they come! Gorgeous ass and vagina!
FellatioM 1 year ago
Well done and used!
tagteamurasss 2 years ago
It was hot her drinking piss
Sinner_man 2 years ago
fine cumshot
Drsg2000 2 years ago
in reply to tc502 (Show the comment)
tc502 2 years ago
my sexy Sheila blueyed eys horny any one wanna watch her
MUSTANG44 2 years ago
good vid
Neniwa 3 years ago
"Such a disappointment!" If so much of this video wasn't upside down, it would have been awesome. Great content.... but the filmography sucks!
YLD 3 years ago
One of my favorites. Love her look and style especially those ultra sheer nylons and heels. But the upside down shoots are dumb.
ipregnator 3 years ago
shes only good for black cock dirty lil piss whore
travelinman30 3 years ago
I got nauseaous from all the fucked up upside down camera crap that I couldn't watch this shit! Also all this shit about her "husbands" encouragement is a real load of crap. Thats the guy that probablly hired all the people in this video to perform. Anytime you see a bunch professional lighting and a cameramen standing around taking photos, you can bet its not really some amateur couple playing around. Its plain old staged pronography with paid performers, and all these folks with their wild imaginations and fantasies eat it up as "real". Come on guys, get a brain!
relentlesscookout 4 years ago
This video SUCKS! All this shitty upside down camera action blows.....
sly77 4 years ago
who is she
Jennifertaylor 4 years ago
very lucky lady wearing those lovely nylons and encouraged to take all that lovely thick black meat and seed.
matchbox48 4 years ago
The pissing at the end was a surprise...but it was hot!
i4ublackiess 4 years ago
Some one needs to wake up! One does put the primary shot against the head board. Every! Pissed me off so much after watching lees than six minutes of this up side down shit! I left!
waeschesteif 4 years ago
die richtige Art, seine Gattin verwöhnen zu lassen
weesteveni 4 years ago
nice wife but filming is a bit ropey
rcramden62 5 years ago
sound is off by 15 seconds, upside down video sprinkled througout, still, the piss in her mouth at the end was worth it.
golias 5 years ago
hot mature
nicetouch4u 5 years ago
Stop turning the fucking camera upside down! Otherwise, hot video.
CDGina 5 years ago
I love this womens cuckold videos,they always have that homemade real wife vibe
and she's so sexy dressed slutty in lingerie
the piss in mouth at end blew me away
thelonebeagle 5 years ago
Ruby Eaton. Love her stuff.
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