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Amateur uncle and Young girl Taboo Sex

Added by 7 years ago
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Cocksucker2017 21 days ago
Incest is best
mysisterkimspanties 1 month ago
I believe i would enjoy eating my uncle’s cum if sis would let him cum in the pussy
dequervain 6 months ago
rkt7921 1 year ago
Kinky4kinkylover 1 year ago
incest love is the best kind of love.
I wanna have a slut to breed and have her breed me some daughters so that she can teach them from a young age that it is a girls purpose to please men and that the first man she should learn to please is her daddy who will always have her be naked in the house and garden and each morning she must fuck her daddy before going to school so that she spends the day with her fathers seed inside her young toy hole
knickersniffer333 2 years ago
love this, im always hard when my neice comes round
dana9491 2 years ago
Some of the worst video ever done. You would think that any video company going out there to shoot an incest video would have at least one guy that knew lighting and camera operation. Let's not even mention the sound. The potential of this was way over the top.
anthloz 2 years ago
Love this vid. What a great Niece! Love the way her tiny tits bounce.
wileatit 3 years ago
Wow! Would love to hear the whole story!
in reply to laurenceotis (Show the comment)
lixclitz69 3 years ago
I want this with my niece
anrianri 3 years ago
Raves415 4 years ago
damn she looks real sexy nice tits and sweet body
TGirlFan-de-RB 4 years ago
Daddyforyou 4 years ago
Picture quality is poor but one hell of a sexy babe, she does good
dpk921 4 years ago
Great... she's fucking Roy Orbison.
laurenceotis 4 years ago
Reminds me of when my oldest sister's daughter started coming onto me for sex when she was sixteen! I was twenty five and had my hands full with older women and young girls.

When I was twenty eight my niece fixed me up on a date with her best girlfriend and before midnight came , we were back at my place fucking like two dogs in heat! She told my niece how good I fucked her with my larger than average cock and a few days later my niece and her girlfriend dropped by unannounced! We drank some wine ,smoked a little pop and at the urging of my niece , I played a porn vid for them. It didn't take long before the three of us were in the shower together rubbing soapy cloths all over each other and doing threeway tongue kissing. We all ended up in on my bed naked and thats when I found out my niece was bi and had been since she was fourteen! We spent the whole night and all of the next day doing delicious things to each other - including pissing on each other! We kept seeing each other on and off till they finished collage and got married.

Life can be so sweet when you have close family ties.

Ynotsex 5 years ago
she was hot from the moment the vid started as she was hiking her crossed legs with a hand on her clit, self masturbating = Good Girl!
Shibbypc 5 years ago
great tits! I love big nipples on small boobs!
Mtown6999 5 years ago
damn, she is hot
InukPagan 6 years ago
Nice lovely small tits.
palaiyot 6 years ago
incest is nice,onetime i fuck my cousin and she's hot.
hdvideoman35 6 years ago
i ben looking for this dad and daughter one where that dad has money and he was talking about how he walk while his daughter was playing with her self
stateside 6 years ago
i will admit uncle niece is my favourite fantasy. Never did more than flirt with my own nieces, I respect them too much.

and this film...takes a fair amount of imagination to think of them as attracted to each other or related
griego 6 years ago
t0pcat422 6 years ago
I found her really sexy...
vukey 6 years ago
as a guy who has had some extremely hot encounters with my niece..I love this shit..I never had intercourse with my babygirl..but we've made each other cum many times...Incest is best..
sunandap 6 years ago
barelylegalfan 6 years ago
NM on the Jeff and Jennifer video, it's absolute garbage. It's 58m long and only like 8m of any sex, the rest is talking. And there isn't any sex, just him fingering her, and her sucking his limp dick, boo.
barelylegalfan 6 years ago
Really wanna see the Jeff and Jennifer vid, can't seem to find it anywhere.
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