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Amber slayed by the Knight

Published by amberblank 5 years ago
Reply for Anonymous:
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pugmahon 29 days ago
She has a huge tattoo on her chest.
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nessiedee 1 month ago
Amazing. I think she is the energizer bunny!!! I'm surprised that this video only has 8000 votes after 3 million views... I guess people really do go fully "hands free" on xHamster! :P
funnguyy 1 month ago
That was nice to watch.
MAUG112 2 months ago
@PolishBlacked subscribe to my telegram channel
pollonrumano 2 months ago
Nice gils
longcockluvr 2 months ago
Yummy Amber and yummy big beautiful Black dick. :)
justdouss 2 months ago
I'd love to hear Amber's story about how they got into this!
my_wife_is_your_toy 2 months ago
Meine weiße Frau sollte sein schwarzen Schwanz auch genau so befriedigen 
Toprider69 2 months ago
Love to see my SUZIE bucked like this. Where could a get a BBC
Obironkenobi 2 months ago
Oh fuck yeah, there they are fucking leg warmers, my wife loves to wear these with mini skirts( no panties) or a suit jacket ( no skirt no panties) and platform high heels. That shit is hot as fuck, way hot. She gets shitty looks from a lot of women and especially from women with their men who are checking my wife out. We’re both in good shape( 5’ 0 98 lbs)yes she’s petite and smoking hot..... leg warmers from the eighties
pheerless 3 months ago
She's obviously from an elite, upper class, high society family who was taught to modestly keep her breasts covered in the presence of the opposite sex.
GataAssanhada 3 months ago
I wanna BE fucked like that
Jeffreybbc 3 months ago
I want a girlfriend just like this little bitch here!
Addiktion 3 months ago
Keep them young white girls coming for that big black cock stud.... Fill em full bull .....
seidah 3 months ago
Need full video. One of Knights best scenes and she was one slutty butch. Wooooow!!
dasx2 4 months ago
lovely girl, well fucked
Yelena_Archakova 4 months ago
Fuck yes! So hot!
Laura0007 4 months ago
charliwerner4bbc 4 months ago
Amber i move you..lol
asmolhumanxXx 4 months ago
She got creamy as soon as she hopped on
Elturcosali 4 months ago
01726976458 write me on whatsapp baby ❤
in reply to TrishAbernethy677 (Show the comment)
wasteconself23 4 months ago
swallow it girl
SissyLea 5 months ago
OMFG!!!!!!! Wanna some huge cock to fuck me right now!!
bakanxxx 5 months ago
sexy girl
Romicucold 5 months ago
Mi-ar place să o văd pe soția mea să sugă pula unui bărbat negru şi să se fută cu el
Randyralph 5 months ago
Yeah you want it dont you
in reply to qamarcd (Show the comment)
friendlyblackcock 5 months ago
Reminds me of some good times!!
RitNord 5 months ago
V1510N 0V H377: 874CK C0CK
in reply to spoilmesplease (Show the comment)
RitNord 5 months ago
V1510N 0V H377: 874CK C0CK
in reply to qamarcd (Show the comment)
RitNord 5 months ago
V1510N 0V H377: 874CK C0CK
in reply to qamarcd (Show the comment)
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