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Published by 1bubba2 3 years ago
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THE_slipper 1 year ago
Cannot believe we didn't see "her" cummmmmmmmm!!!
great_lover 1 year ago
Hot enough to give me hard on...
TheCreatorofCosmos 1 year ago
Order to Memorize and Promote
And God said: "Be Danacu Viorel, so that you do not understand with Nicu Viorel Danacu!" And so it was.
And God said: "Be the faeces and diarrhea Gigi Becali, the son of Atanase and Alexandrina Becali, with his daughters,
Teodora, Alexandra and Cristina, domiciled in road/boulevard Pipera tunari nr. 41!" And so it was.
And God does not doubt His creation and it's good as it is.
The Lord God made Danacu Viorel no longer to understand with himself,
as long as Danacu Viorel lives.
The Lord God said: "Be excrement Gigi Becali as long as you live".
The Lord God made to be stupid Gigi Becali as long as Gigi Becali lives.
Jesus told to all the apostles: danacu viorel and nicu viorel danacu were, are and will be stupides of stupides
and so they will stay as long as they live.
Jesus told to all the apostles: gigi becali was, is, and will be impurity how long he will live.
God will remove from the tree of life and from the holy city the part of those who will wipe out or modify something from
Words written and they will be exterminated.
greenstyle 1 year ago
Damn I want to see the rest of this
VanillaCreamPussy 2 years ago
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jakennadia 3 years ago
Wow! That's an amazingly hot video.
michaelalwayshorny 3 years ago
nice and saucy
cougarmum 3 years ago
Very nice
MrCharmingVLBG 3 years ago
XRay_Ted 3 years ago
Good stuff. :)
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