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Asian Schoolgirl

Added by 7 years ago
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kunkir91 3 months ago
lovely :D
sab999 3 months ago
Hooooooorrrrrneeeeeeeyyyy honeyyyyy
yakitty 3 months ago
Gotta film in ma head now
vezerlay101 6 months ago
violentwhiteman 7 months ago
Asian Schoolgirl uniforms bring out my inner APEX PREDATOR.
HornyVirgin27 1 year ago
Mmmm love the schoolgirl look.

Also love when she gets picked up and fucked at 22:45, if anyone knows some good scenes on here that have that position send me a pm :)

Great upload!
gieselagans 3 years ago
smallcock 4 years ago
white panties - the dirty bitch
satish89 4 years ago
she went to college lol... i wonder what she majored.
crashbc 6 years ago
my fantasy !
traviscada 6 years ago
Tia Tanaka .. nice. i love those viet-french girls. someone clone her together with Maria Ozawa.
ilgdns 6 years ago
PrettyInPinkPanties 6 years ago
I love the way he sniffs her panties, like he can't wait to taste her
satish89 6 years ago
she has an accent
satish89 6 years ago
anybody know any vids of girls wearing hanes her way or jockey hi cut panties like this??
heyjudette 6 years ago
she's so cute, he's so ugh. sexier male porn stars please!
Wizardzero 6 years ago
Wonder what game she was playing.
rebelsjors 7 years ago
realy love that cutie
fartypants00 7 years ago
Note, previous Tia Tanaka Bio dated
2007, probably a few more movies etc since then.
oneball 7 years ago
perfect cock sucker
xxx777xxx 7 years ago
so cute
fartypants00 7 years ago
From Tia Tanaka dot net

Birthdate: March 15, 1987
Birth location: Indonesia
Lives in: California, US
Ethnicity: Half french half vietnamese
Measurements: 34B-23-35
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 100 lb (45 kg)
Aliases: Mulan Wang, Sasha Lei
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: Lower Back
Piercings: Navel
Hobbies: reading, shopping
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Started in adult industry: 2005 (at age 18)
No. of movies so far: 91
fartypants00 7 years ago
Not sure, I think "Tia Tanaka" is actually Indonesian
but I also believe that I've heard her say that she
is half French, half Vietnamese, but is US brought
up. Certainly NOT Japanese though.
satish89 7 years ago
prob jap-american... the panties did it for me tooo.hanes her way..
cumonemma 7 years ago
love it
sexspy 7 years ago
well i loved the white pantie,s that did it for me .a great little movie .a must to watch
RoseHarlequin 7 years ago
Gahhh! Why is that guy so ugly!? Cute schoolgirl though x
jhuffjch 7 years ago
love it
tutje 7 years ago
Yes unsencored Japanese vids do excist.
But i doubt if she's Japanese !!
Great vid anyway !!
gentlesandie 7 years ago
nice sweet girl x
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