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beautiful black ssbbw

Added by 6 years ago
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123calvi 9 months ago
Very beautiful women sexyyyy very very sexxy have to marry that
slackey 3 years ago
AlexC 3 years ago
I love this woman !
Ans I don't accept what you tell about her !
in reply to rarebine (Show the comment)
unwanted 4 years ago
she is beautiful
jaydee_bbwluvr 4 years ago
FullMoonFreak 5 years ago
She is incredibly attractive nad desirable.
Ju_ice 5 years ago
damn big
jn68 5 years ago
do all the girls look like this in america? get me on a plane!!!
traveler_xxx 5 years ago
Damn! So fucking hot!!! Give anything to fuck her.
Ahardone4u1965 5 years ago
the one who was taking the photos in the back there was to distracting, but i love that big fat shaky booty on that big mama. wow.
jungle_fever19 6 years ago
@rarbine your just mad cuz your not man enough to handle even watching this big beauty
LuvsBBWs 6 years ago
We have to accept that some people contribute nothing but bile to this site. The people that make worthwhile contributions are to be commended so lets just ignore the stupid fucker (you know who you are) and hats off to Kavuar for sharing this gorgeous beauty with us.
skweeze 6 years ago
Does she fuck dorky white guys???? I AM IN IF SHE DOES!!!
cl6672 6 years ago
that was very pleasurable! she has a perfect figure!
SplashBro 6 years ago
rosef25 6 years ago
so beautiful
bear_perv 6 years ago
All I can say is thanks for sharing!!! I LOVE HER
crotchlover 6 years ago
smoochez 6 years ago
As a big woman myself. If u dont like the fuckin video why in the hell did u take the time to even watch it and say what u have to say. If u dont like it just skip to another video. She's not hurting u so why even say the bullshit u are saying. I swear people need to chill the fuck out and i bet he dont have no video and probably not packin. Anyways shout out to all the chubby chasers. All the negative shit need to go. U dot like big woman good for u just fuckin get over it.
hornycowboy75 6 years ago
Very hot n sexy. Dont care what rarebine thinks, nothing wrong with me n i think she is very beautiful. I also would love to make love too her n have some GREAT sex with her.
depressed 6 years ago
i dont care.. wht the f*** category it belongs...
as long as it is giving me Bonner... i am considering it as a porn,
after that "ART FILM"
rarebine 6 years ago
Hey dumshit newbie wmnlvr like i said how any body in the right mind get off to this has something seriously wrong with them!! youve just confirm it!!
ilovessbbws 6 years ago
nice sexy SSBBW
sweetdaddy65 6 years ago
they can say what they want,,,i give a arm and leg if i could fuck her!!!
wmnlvr 6 years ago
Hey, rarebine; either your new to xhamster or your just blind to the fact that some people are attracted to large women. We call them BBW's. And i guess there is something wrong with me because i'd dive face first into her fat ass :-)
mr_GOODBARR 6 years ago
She a bbw all da way bit i wanna c can suck n fuck a big dick r fatt pussy
rarebine 6 years ago
just another fucking disgusting fat slag !! how any body in the right mind get off to this has something seriously wrong with them!!
jeepman 6 years ago
She is just posing. No action.
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