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Celebrity Look a Like - Nicki Minaj - 19yr old Black Teen

Published by xesnetwork 8 years ago

19yr old Black Teen Alyssa Smyles performs in her 1st amateur sex video and gets a nice facial - this is the celebrity look a like nicki minaj sex tape

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GB1508 2 months ago
Look a like? Minaj resembles this sexy beauty and remember this gal is all natural!
No-1MoneyMan 1 year ago
CleliaTheo 2 years ago
Nicki Minaj is waaay dirtier than this ho.
kaybz 3 years ago
Pas besoin de penser à Nicki en la baisant, elle est déjà assez bonne ^-^
kaybz 3 years ago
C'est clair!
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jdono40 3 years ago
Love fucking nigger girls, I would came deep inside that black pussy tho.
dylan94hd 3 years ago
hotgirl-00 3 years ago
Elle ressemble peut être a nicki minaj mais elle n'a pas un si bon cul!
Mr_Bubbles 5 years ago
Sweet body on her!
207956319 5 years ago
she don't look like no fucking nicki minaj
piolokabayo023 5 years ago
Hmmm. Yummy! She /ooks \ike nicki minaj grrr want to eat her booty!
kingcockk 6 years ago
Put your seed in that fat pussy boy!!!!
triphammer73 6 years ago
mmmmmm creamy goodness
rockdrummer 6 years ago
pussyfiller101 6 years ago
Damn Right!!!
rnewman20 6 years ago
id fuck her 24/7
D3AN 6 years ago
Oh My God's yum Yum YUM
EffinBlocker 6 years ago
The question is, will she vote republican or democrat...
Lilo79 6 years ago
not her :(

but the cumshot is awesome hot
TheMosca 6 years ago
yeah, she does a look a little like nicki minaj back before nicki minaj went and michael jackson-ed herself. very cute none the less.
slimjim2012 6 years ago
Doesn't get good until 5:10.
slimjim2012 6 years ago
Her, Nicki, and bella moretti all have the same plastic surgeon
htb1016 6 years ago
IncredibleThrust 6 years ago
To be honest... She is better looking than the real Nicki!
boumkwo 7 years ago
very hot
SEXYMINION 7 years ago
shes really cute haha
TallMan84 7 years ago
she is beautiful! Good finish also!
pittsburghpussyeater 7 years ago
i love nicki minaj
madddog 7 years ago
GeordieG92 7 years ago
Cum all over, thanks for upload!
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