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Cheating wife caught on hidden cam

Added by 4 years ago
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Serbitar 6 months ago
So hot!! Great vid!!
LiliaBrik 4 years ago
She is super hot, but he is pure sin as well!
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masterscock 4 years ago
How do I know this is a "cheating wife"? She is delicious and fucks rather well, but I have no proof she is cheating...
bigsoftee 4 years ago
Fake or not she has got the most perfect figure I have sen on xHmaster to date. I say almost 'cause the large ink on her legs ruined it a little for me. Otherwise a very very nice natural body.
chinchin208 4 years ago
amico_1960 4 years ago
bella donna
asianflyer 4 years ago
she's like the 49 yr old daughter of neighbor who is 80s. her hubby works all over and is hardly home but she will visit him. in pensacola theres tourist women and locals. i fuck the schoolteachers during their annual convention. and military babes. but this one is older and saving grace is she is friendly. i would help her when her dad passed and took her out to dinner and beach. got her tipsy and she talked about hubby and work and i said sex must be hard. she said yes but it was ok. i pressed her to walk on beach. stopped in moonlight and held her hand as we stood there then pulled her to me and kissed her. i frenched her and she didnt stop. then i dropped to my knees lifted her skirt and kissed her panty. i could smell her sex smell. she was in a trance. then she said no, and we walked. i apologized and she said it was ok. she hadnt had oral in a year. two days later she was walking for exercise and brought some food over. she had to go she said and i said thanks. she was wearing a sports bra new as tag was on it and i took it off. i said yu trying to impress me. she said yes. as she walked off i saw her slight mom belly which i love, that pooch, and her very round ass. i ate quick and took dish back to her moms and told her mom to tell her id be over at 8. i showed. took her to my place and sat on couch with her like high schoolers and said i wanted to make love to her. we went to bedroom with her following like zone out again. anyway. i stripped her, ate her from her anus to her pussy and she wet my mattress. squirted every 2 min which her hubby hates. then i got inside and said i was going to make love to her and did for all night. her mom never noticed she had been gone all night. i woke up to her sucking me off. i still see her every few weeks and we fuck all time. i make her call hubby up to chat when im cumming.
asianflyer 4 years ago
so many cheaters. sometimes i want to call hubby and tell him. sad either they cant hang or clueless. i fuk em all. but they dont care. buy em a drink and they go with you.
phuccer 4 years ago
very nice I like her she has a banging body..
screwmygfnola 4 years ago
hot guy anyway.
tats71 4 years ago
Love it
asianflyer 4 years ago
hubby either dont eat women like this or theyre cheaters to start with. whether real or not, theres ones out there like this. a little oral and theyre yours
sissyslut61 4 years ago
Definitely fake...would be funny if it was real and hubby saw it though...
steveshlacker 4 years ago
at about 4:53 and 4:55 she looks right at the camera twice. Fake as shit.
bbc4whiteteen 4 years ago
great body
merlin249 4 years ago
pierrepierre35 4 years ago
lovely sis bro .....
zeusthegod 4 years ago
amazing vid
hot girl
thanks 4 shared
send more please
shes horny and very sexy
marco_191 4 years ago
everything they did was at the perfect camera angle....they were fucking to the camera therefor....fake
richardhertz 4 years ago
No wedding ring. She's a wife you say?
zeboulogue 4 years ago
de beaux nichons
james9211 4 years ago
absolutely lovely woman
kekis 4 years ago
Nice catch.
Ri-Yu 4 years ago
lovely tits
jppy 4 years ago
nice fuckable woman!
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