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Chinese Mature

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Chinese Mature fucks her Japanese Lover

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Expat92 2 months ago
She has a nice mature body and looks like she can fuck. Next time cum inside her tight little cunt, she won’t get pregnant!
asianyy 6 months ago
bayotix 8 months ago
sotanas 3 years ago
what is her name
Japluvr 5 years ago
They're both Japanese, so the title is misleading.
Still, a hot video!
dick00 5 years ago
stop guessing if she's chinese or not people! she's speaking chinese geezzz.....
nakadishi 5 years ago
imperiusxxx 5 years ago
capsika 6 years ago
taisho999 6 years ago
Good thing she wasn't using a video phone.
gjorge106 6 years ago
MMMMMMMMM she is hot.This video reminds me of a very hot Chinese woman I fell in love with.
Assawhippin 6 years ago
Thats Great! My wife talks on the phone when we fuck! Hey that is my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife told me she did soap operas........She asks how the persons mother is and say she is good...........
SEx10i 6 years ago
hate how all these asian movies r censored :(
jissofine 6 years ago
Nice vid thx for posting
FVCKT1B3T 6 years ago
She looks Japanese or Korean, don't know why people upload videos of south east asian or some Japanese slut and call them Chinese, Maybe people are sick of hearing how perverted and over sexed Japanese people are..
manyakako 6 years ago
i wish i could fuck her...
sgaluf 7 years ago
very sexy!
assmandan 7 years ago
Very sexy older asian maybe Japanese?
flybehinite 7 years ago
They were obviously hot for it but the censoring is crazy. Does it prevent you from knowing what they are doing? I don't think so
vintagefuck 7 years ago
Great post!!!!!
bokyeh 7 years ago
As a Chinese, I can vouch that she is speaking Mandarin. She is talking to family members from China while she is fucking her Japanese client in Japan.
sjors27 7 years ago
good hot mature
Sumo11 7 years ago
nice video :)
polar_boy 7 years ago
jusda1 7 years ago
very nice vid but if the person on the otha end of that phone didnt realize she was being fucked then tehy are dumbasses
vinam 7 years ago
Very hot
Federico1685 7 years ago
Wish all porn were this intense! I also believe they're japanese. Good post. Thanks!
ecofix 7 years ago
Ut7 7 years ago
MaheshKamal 7 years ago
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