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Chubby black haired getting nailed

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pinacsen 1 month ago
very sexy video
asianflyer 5 years ago
my pals sister decided to take a break from asian meat so of all things i find a fan on facebook who loves aviation and is coming over to meet me and see our local air museum i volunteer at when not flying or writing or photog. shes almost 29 and black hair, grey eyes, and a chub but with those perfect drumstick legs, thighs of meat, round white belly, and pancake shaped areolas from what she's shown in a boudoir pic. like the one in the video. and hairy and hopefully a squirter. no sex in 3yrs and has been answering my somewhat sexual hints. im 58 and she dont care. gone from lunch date to movie date to night club date now. got room arranged on beach i go to. shes so white skinned and not fully chubby but just enough. embarrassed about her size but i told her shes wearing either a bikini or thong. lot of young marines here so she may end up in a banging if i let others play. right now shes gonna get the asian cock and sperm. i think its gonna be a full weekend. and she said she loves sex but not with all the rednecks where she lives. one even poured beer down her asscrack at a bar and she hit him with bottle. you gotta pour your sperm dudes, not waste beer...ha...but i plan to get that young southern babe bred. i can feel her tight unused pussy and mouth now. that black hair on white skin. and my sperm leaking out her pussy, anus, and mouth.
asianflyer 5 years ago
the cum spitting image of my pals 25yr old sister. i hinted to her that id love to do her and she agreed. shes had arab n black but no asian. so im going to make her mine. prob breed her with my seed too. shes perfect. small breasts and round belly with plumb white butt but love being inside her and spewing my seed inside. taking her to hilton on beach and treat her right. stand behind her and cup her breasts then kneel and taste that honey pot. her last guy told everyone about them and she dumped him. idiot. im going to do her right. mmmm
christian672 6 years ago
Is true she is hot.
usturakemal 6 years ago
who is that girl?????????amazing
mondor1 6 years ago
hot tall girl
screwfix 6 years ago
Quality Alex
Do1959 6 years ago
Jau, gefällt!
redneck1970 6 years ago
wow, heiß...
rhys_blackthorne 6 years ago
very beautiful woman...anyone got a name?
chiefnut 6 years ago
So sexy
m3supra 6 years ago
chaman 6 years ago
he fuck her good but who s she ?
romanosex 6 years ago
who is she???? more of her vids please
romanosex 6 years ago
lucky bastard love her tatoo
romanosex 6 years ago
wow she have a perfect body so hot
mrmeme 6 years ago
Yummie That is a woman!
ilovessbbws 6 years ago
oh yea
hamgod 6 years ago
Yet another amazing post! Thanks for sharing, she is amazing.
dr_draupner 6 years ago
Beutiful girl, love the part frpm 5:20-8:00, very sexy ride! will go back and see the rest later :-)
ortsac1981 6 years ago
youpornYourself 6 years ago
Nice, just the way I like em.
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