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Classic Spanking Poacher Girls

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Spanking at its best

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Tallstrongdom 4 days ago
Delicious 80s caning
Holyhubo 5 days ago
It's a nice feature that one of the girls standing naked watches after her spanking watches the other being punished and starts to satisfy herself.She seems to enjoy how her girlfriend is spanked and even takes the lead."Give her more." giggle.I like that giggle better than that sweeping sound and the crying.At least there is not much crying.And the caning is not too raw.Ironically I got the right feeling to come,when they took clothes on again at the end.I could have gone back to that giggle again,to trigger myself,but I let it pass.
Spanker_Eric 5 days ago
classic English spanking !
tomsven 6 days ago
Mmmmmm, i do agree ... perfect mix!! :)
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jppy 6 days ago
nice hot ass spanking
bestrea2002 7 days ago
love girls in wellies :) with red bottoms <3
zantac 7 days ago
Nice ass.
fausto_coppi 7 days ago
they need anal fuck after!!
Spank19681 7 days ago
Amazing! I love it ! Cheers
jimwebley 7 days ago
The last 20 minutes are the best. Proper canings and a touch of masturbation.
dagworth 7 days ago
This bloke got his hands on some really sexy bottoms during his spanking career.
bripuk 7 days ago
Lovely canings. Must have stung!
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