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Classic Taboo 2 (1982) with Kay Parker

Published by 11 months ago

Real Classic Taboo 2 with amazing women like Dorothy Lemay, Juliet Anderson, Cara Lott and Kay Parker. Real gem to see!

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thighmaster14 12 days ago
The oldies are the greatest!Hairy pussy and real tits.I loved it all.
Frankie622 13 days ago
Kevin James huge cock drives me crazy.Kay Parker a hot milf was so lucky to get to enjoy his young cocktail.
tinyhinniemarkie 1 month ago
so trueeeeeeeeeeee
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gergawy 2 months ago
beautiful female actors..
Steamer7 3 months ago
And too bad he died so young.
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Alby778-05 4 months ago
One my favourites by far! Annette Haven rules! 
rsalld32073 4 months ago
i would love to have fucked Kaye when she was in her prime...beautiful woman
FemaleHater 7 months ago
If you men don’t like it say it to my face instead of blocking me get some nerve BOYS
FemaleHater 7 months ago
All these porn chicks all fakes nothing but pot smokers and alcoholics truth
greigy 7 months ago
Is taboo 1 around?
LetsKeepaSecret 7 months ago
The scene @ 1:02.33 where she tries to resist his gorgeous hard cock gets me so hard! I usually explode when she touches her lips to his head.
lazarusbbc 8 months ago
the best
nutubor 8 months ago
still love this move after so manyyyyyyyyyy years
rothom 8 months ago
KP ....... all time favourite and sexiest woman ever. Damn she is worth to be worshipped.
joseph2306 8 months ago
I love all of those hairy pussies and a great classic.
mcbtws 8 months ago
We have all the taboo movies in our collection, this was terrific.
str8illusion 8 months ago
Awesome classic, love all the bush!
Dsparda87 8 months ago
I'd watch it with mine.
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Jerry04 9 months ago
Great movie as good or better than the first, which I saw many years ago.
Jerry04 9 months ago
cool . wish I could've watchd with mine.
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ada76 9 months ago
My first porno I watched I don’t get tired of seeing it
lovemeboo 9 months ago
vintage all stars ;P
e1ffelyett1 10 months ago
I really love it
Pabloxxxx1 10 months ago
It’s got to be one of my favourite films of all time.
celticprince 10 months ago
Juniors mom was on 32 in real life. H.W was born in 1950.
bigverga 10 months ago
Jill210 10 months ago
Nice classic
dave296 10 months ago
had many a wank watching this in my teens
wonkatsari 10 months ago
Kay Parker was such a classy lady.
Thank you