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clitoris stimulation japanese girl

Added by 6 years ago
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vezerlay101 7 months ago
rubiales77 2 years ago
Very exciting. Love it.
yan0 2 years ago
orgasm contractions at 9:30
Prof-Articulus 5 years ago
Good pussy play
TheBigCheese 5 years ago
I LOVE how in the beginning of the video,her pussy pulsates. Mmm mm mmm.
xNasty-Bunniix 5 years ago
OMG this is amazing, my boyfriend likes to lick toy and stimulate my clitoris just like in this vid it is incredible. I feel so lucky.. Ladies you haven't had an orgasm until a man has gave ur clit this kind of attention.
MBC74 5 years ago
y-u-no-cum123 6 years ago
If she was actually getting any pleasure from this dude her legs would be snapping closed; also, SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Your constant whining isn't making it anymore believable.
Goddamn, either this guy needs to do his shit right or she needs to tell him he's not doing SHIT.
End rant.
lovely_jo 6 years ago
Too much acting from the girl (like a lot of J moveis) but lovely puss
flight44 6 years ago
For the first time i have ever told a women to just SHUT THE FUCK UP
vertuila 6 years ago
I think her clitoris is absolutely beautiful. Smallish, yes, but SO distinct in it's exquisitely erect condition. The shape and color leave no doubt whatsoever about the genuineness of her arousal. I'm grateful for this awesome video!
jesterfox 6 years ago
jj001 6 years ago
I would have liked to have seen him lick her pussy until she came hard with hard pussy contractions. I have yet to see a video like that anywhere :(
puncture 6 years ago
I'd love to stimulate her little body
marinegold 6 years ago
She has a very small clit that needs a lot of attention. She should get on a daily clit pumping schedule so she can have a large clit for us guy's to play and suck on. She a very nice cunt and asshole, they just need a little work.
swedishhamster 6 years ago
i'd love to give this treatment to someone... :-)
Sondie 6 years ago
love how she spread her knees open and have her pussy spread open and the close up view. Wish it was my pussy and clit being explored.
qwertyyyy 6 years ago
she sounds like a monkey, awfullllllll
SargonZ 6 years ago
Very good orgasm vid. Too bad he got over zealous in the later part and "numbed" her clit and the last "orgasm" was not real. The one at 9:30+ was. You could see the involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor. I just love girls having real orgasms.
mrno 6 years ago
very sexy, perfect pussy
bmwxpicasso 6 years ago
What is this video called? Who is she?
Gotti3 6 years ago
she makes me wet
Amelia1616 6 years ago
gorgeous girl
hounder69 6 years ago
Mmmm.... I bet her cum tastes sweet...
ilovegirl 6 years ago
how many times did she cum
white4black 6 years ago
i have never seen a jap bitch look like she enjoys anything sexual looks like rape but im sure some people are into that
ramboys 6 years ago
quality of the video made it more interesting. I love it
tdoubleud 6 years ago
Where do I sign up?
Zamboniman 6 years ago
As for the video. I've never been huge on masturbation videos but it's not often you see an unpizelated asian pussy. So bravo to somthing differant
Zamboniman 6 years ago
I've never been with a japanses girl and I know what I'm missing. Maybe I'll rescue one from that Island of death they live on.
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