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Cum as Lube

Added by 5 years ago

Only if it was as simple as saying, can you jizz on my cock or on her cunt so I can slip in this girl easier or so my dick can slide in her throat easily.

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Gloppygoo 1 month ago
Marvellously disgusting behaviour......straight to favs:)
dlawyer33 2 months ago
i would suck evry pussy in this film
dlawyer33 2 months ago
5 min in I would suck the blonde girls pussy
suckandlickaddict 4 months ago
omg so hot! wish i could have been there and licked those cumcovered cunts and kissed those cumfilled mouths
FuckYeahFriendlyFire 7 months ago
AMEN! Cum is the best lube! It was given to us by the Creator for a multitude of perfect reasons. A natural lubricant is one of them.
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Mustard52 1 year ago
Women like this would be great to fuck often. But rare as hens teeth for most of us.
johnnyscox4u 1 year ago
Ohhh god it felt Soooo good, Jacking Off & Cumming while watching this... I am intrigued by the Africa/American girls & women and now I want one of them to come by my place for some Kinky, Naughty Fun... any age, size or shape - All are Welcome!
My second Wife liked to spread her pussy lips wide after we fucked, with my sperm leaking out as I pissed a golden stream right inside of her!
anywaywet 1 year ago
NEED to swap with this tasty pigs.
PatMatuckus 1 year ago
few men know the pleasure of slipping your cock into a freshly creampied pussy. Super hot wet and sloppy!
MAHI2016 1 year ago
addicted2licking 1 year ago
mmm great video, gets me so horny and hungry for cum! would just love to lick all that spunk off their pussies and faces!
MadisonScottFan 2 years ago
great video. using other guys' cum as lube is so damn hot.
smokie312 2 years ago
At 9;00 minute mark was hot as hell. seeing that white cock cum and then its finger feed to her hot black pussy. Watching her take cum in her mouth then spitting it out so her cunt can have more cum.
collierandson 2 years ago
Wow after the 5 minute mark & all that cum in that pussy I would love to go NEXT!
mrwelles 2 years ago
That chocolate ass at around the 8:50 mark is quite the beautiful sight to behold.
hairy1x 2 years ago
i love it!
bianalslut 2 years ago
its just not a gangbang without all the fun wetness!
Teri_Obsessed 2 years ago
I like to use cum to lube my ass for anal
redrocket2211 3 years ago
just awesome
aznpansex 3 years ago
great lube indeed
dmay04 3 years ago
I agree!
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BigUncutCock 3 years ago
cum is the only lube you need
etienne54 3 years ago
guy with nipple ring in first vid was just waiting on enuff cum to build up. licking his chops, so to speak
REDLIGHT420 3 years ago
hot as fuck! total whores getting used like cum dumpsters is the hottest sex can get! i love it!
xx777 3 years ago
People may find light skinned girls atractive but the dark skinned girls with a booty are the best to fuck
Alexhard07 3 years ago
I'd love to do that
Alexhard07 3 years ago
so hot :D
CreampieGangbangLove 3 years ago
Incredible hot black and friendly fire. I'd love to join
luvdemwet 3 years ago
Hottest nastiest video on xhamster!!
l00k1nat2muchp0rn 3 years ago
Instant fave! Cum is a girl's ultimate reward for hot sex! Nothing is as lusty as hot sticky cum....mmmm. I think in a perfect world, every woman would love to be covered by lots of men's cum, being showered with their appreciation is so sexually primal.
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