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Daddy Goes to College Part 1 99%

Daddy Goes to College Part 1
Hairy Daddy in various scenes
Published by emptymirror
6 years ago
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whatsmeworry 9 days ago
nice trio
curlyman699 27 days ago
Love it, two loads each!
hornytightirish 4 months ago
Love it guys. 
brgod 9 months ago
My favourite scene in this movie!  Love Girth Brooks, he is such a hottie, his voice is so sexy.  Allen Silver is great in this scene and the young son isn't too shabby either!  So Hot!!  This movie is several years old now, wonder if Allen still does porn??
Shyho 4 years ago
love the dada
bijimdwt 4 years ago
a good Daddy
TMitchMd 4 years ago
Allen Silver truly is the bomb. I'd be content to watch him even clipping his toenails as long as he is naked.
shemalelover20 4 years ago
Oooh daddy loves cock! Awesome!
foufi 5 years ago
Man, this is so fucking sexy
cyclecub60 5 years ago
Allen Silver. Fuck yes.
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