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Daughters did it in Bible (Valentine's Day)

Published by 3 months ago
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rorisuki 14 days ago
She's so good at being Daddy's little girl... Love that 101 Dalmations little girl dress...
MRSTUDLY 29 days ago
Dam HOT  she would Be a Great step daughter !  ( if over 18 ! )
citizen_of_hamster 1 month ago
JBAR_VIDEO 1 month ago
FABULOUS videos I have seen and saved and favorited.
twidx 1 month ago
old testament had the best stories all blood thunder and inces t :)
mytaboolife 2 months ago
One of THE hottest vids on this site for daddy daughter. Yes a repost but always great to see.
Tallstrongdom 2 months ago
I think there is one somewhere on this site
I've probably saved it somewhere in my favourites
in reply to mouthfk (Show the comment)
cuntswithcameras 2 months ago
This earned a vote down for taking so long to get started and as always filmed by a chimp...
Dominate1 3 months ago
Great repost!  5, Dom
chazman 3 months ago
antic 3 months ago
An awesome and HOT classic!
mouthfk 3 months ago
Anyone has a better copy?
fysslover 3 months ago
Daddy has a wonderful time with his lovely daughter
jdbreath 3 months ago
This is old as all Hell, but I've never seen a Part 2.
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shelaughsatme 3 months ago
who has part 2?
shelaughsatme 3 months ago
I love this little girl.  Daddy is very lucky he gets to fuck her
Janni65 3 months ago
Mmmm,very hot!
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