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desperate housewives

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fetish bob hair style .

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funchar 1 month ago
i love !!
Nett_Er 2 months ago
Bravo, fantastic :D
lilly-lil 2 months ago
mmm luv it!
miklos 6 months ago
Her page-boy hair style, nice big tits and cute ass are a very sexy combo.
oreo20 1 year ago
Simora FTV :), her only b/g
sammyyoh 1 year ago
Great curvy body. Horny as hell, likes the first part of the camera interview. When camera man starts to make his moves, she keeps saying, "I don't know", many times, but, shes so horny, she does not stop him, and keep her eyes looking at his hot body, and lets him do anything to her.
She is one hot lady, and horny, and age don't matter, being married don't matter, a new strange man, and shes ready. A lot of these ladies are ready for it, and the money helps a lot. Great movie.
sirtoby27 2 years ago
Great curves and nice bouncing tits while she is hardly hammered. What a pity that her fucker is not stimulating her nipples to mor erection
Papicitosecreto 4 years ago
Sweet Mom!
bezen 4 years ago
miklos 5 years ago
Not too bad a video. She has nice tits and ass. Just wish she had some fur around her cooze.
ShroomHead 5 years ago
Dirty, nasty, married girl, she knows she's being naughty and she loves it!! Yes I came back to watch this naughty housewife again, she's sexxxy!!!
goldenboy55 6 years ago
nice post thx
doogaldog 6 years ago
Stillenacht fabulous addition she is tremendous I think I'm getting the bob fetish!
FrankieCheech 6 years ago
ShroomHead 6 years ago
I just re-watched this for the first time in awhile, what a great, true to life video this is. And her being a pretty, neglected houswwife didn;t hurt either;)
will193193 6 years ago
terrific body
filipedebrito 6 years ago
I would love to have for some days, many days but not for ever variety makes ritchness
bushbeater 6 years ago
wouldn't mind coming home to her every day
nicksalsero 6 years ago
metawar 6 years ago
Dakker 7 years ago
Perfect body - 5'4" know it is a great video when the dude returns to doggy the second time and furiously nails the G-spot to make her cum hard. One of the best I've acting, just real stuff.
daydreamer5 7 years ago
She has the classic cocksucker's face.
Batman13 7 years ago
Nice vid for the favorites, thanks for the upload!
luzzul 7 years ago
what a titts !! so fucking amazing
thanks for share
mrno 7 years ago
id10 7 years ago
phantomhunter 7 years ago
Fantastic video, she's very beautiful.
Stern100 7 years ago
Those are some PERFECT tits!! I would love a go at her!!
stillbill96 7 years ago
luv her, great tits and hair!
JonMcman 7 years ago
what a slut... talking to hi and sucking cock... then trying to be all i dont know...
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