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Dora (1975) - french vintage

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Dora, la frénésie du plaisir (hard version). Starring: Anne Sand, Monique Vita, Tania Busselier

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boobsluver 2 months ago
love your vintage movies. hairy pussies are so hot! can we please be friends ?
aztekler 1 year ago
fiim hardcore den çok softcore
dragonman787 1 year ago
Tania Busselier avait toujours une bonne chatte bien poilue
rick059 1 year ago
très bon
ermiskronos 2 years ago
justonemoreuser 2 years ago
Good upload!
lucasbl 2 years ago
Where can I find more movies with Tania Busselier? Anyone have links? thanks :)
lucasbl 3 years ago
I came hard to this
citizen_of_hamster 3 years ago
love it
florville88 3 years ago
Great classic
devilspy 3 years ago
Thanks redjean. The French sure know how to do a good porn with a plot. Dora is frustrated with her husband/boyfriend. Bartender lets a couple bulls fight it out. lol They go on a safari. And we see some travel log video. And once Dora sees black cock, she knows she wants and needs some of that. lol Cuckold rich guy eats creampie. Softcore style, but still. Good job of her giving in to the road bandit and fucks him back. Then cuckold eats the creampie. That is when he knew he was turned on by others fucking her. Then we go to female bi sex with some pervert taking pictures. Then we switch to hot wife sucking and fucking thick black cock in front of hubby. The stud fucks her and her screams of no become YES, YES. Again softcore. So back to present, rich guy has been a cuckold a long time. Extremely hot slut wife after that. Cuckold always gets his fresh pie. lol. Great find redjean.
Anne Sand plays Barbara Belmont
Catherine Tailleferre plays the woman with Irène
Michèle Jean plays a guest of Jacques
Monique Vita plays Dora (wears a wig throughout)
Tania Busselier plays Irène, first wife of Jacques


Males -

Bob Asklof, as Bob Holger, plays Olivier Savignac
Olivier Mathot plays Jacques Belmont
Michel Duchezeau plays Riccardo
Doudou Babet plays Koutou
Jacques Disses plays Joe Dupuis
Rudy Lenoir plays Maurice
John Oury plays the baron
René Jean plays a guest of Jacques
Manu Pluton
basix 3 years ago
Great upload, thank you redjean
dave0824 3 years ago
Good vintage!
nipplelover155 3 years ago
Love European vintage lesbians...Love auburn haired European vintage lesbians...therefore love the start at 35:47...thanks for sharing redjean
midmi 3 years ago
Great vintage thanks.
newtarak 3 years ago
joseph161 3 years ago
Dora, Dora the explorer, the early years.....
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