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Emmanuelle (1974) ... (Complete Movie) F70

Published by fabrice70 6 years ago
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taf1 7 days ago
one of the first films I managed to sneak in to watc … caught my cock in my zip when someone sat down next to me lol 
Toetapper 2 months ago
I bought my copy in the Detroit Metro Airport bookstore on my way home for Thanksgiving break while in college.  Started reading while waiting for my next flight and continued to read through the subsequent flight home;  can't tell you where I found the will-power to keep my hand out of my pants.

Loved the "philosophy" behind it but, over the years, found few who shared it (except the gals that were deliberately, spitefullyyyyyyyy
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Onlooker2022 2 months ago
I bought the paperback edition with the apple cover in 1975. I was 14 and that book changed my life because not only was it hugely erotic in its depictions of sex scenes, it had a philosophy of sexuality. I loved the airplane passages, especially when she had sex with the English twins watching her with awe and respect. Emmanuelle never gets old for me and to this day I have an edition of the paperback for masturbation. As a teen, it was my main source of wanking material for two whole years. That was a huge amount of pleasure and spilled seed.
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Laura0007 4 months ago
Toetapper 6 months ago
Nope...this is as filthy as it gets.

When it first came out, between the book's text  ( I bought the deluxe version) and the black & white photos inside, this my whacking material for months.  When I finally got to see the movie, some years after it's release, I had finally seen real porn so it seemed a little lackluster.  It was, however, worth a couple turns of the crank when I could look back and relive the psycology of the time.
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White_R35 8 months ago
Wow I remember watching it's movie on Showtime, late at night an it's the movie that helped me start watching true porn! What a grate flash back, thanks for posting!!!
NudeMale 9 months ago
Le vrai, l'incontournable film, merci !!
Yandango 11 months ago
Is this the soft-core version of a more explicit film?
Dima87 1 year ago
Особенно классно, как её в самолёте дважды выебали))
Tinka2016 1 year ago
suche den film auf deutsch
capri60 1 year ago
With my partner to see her at the movies ... then at home we fucked for hours feeling
LittleGoliath 1 year ago
A Classic. One of the best Erotic movies out there. And the scene at 21:30 is sooo hot.
Lilly77777 1 year ago
Merci de l'avoir publiée ^^ un vrai bijou ce film
electrycbirdy 1 year ago
Sylvia Kristel was the first women who gave me orgasm while watching tv...thank you so much
sids333 2 years ago
She is sooooo sexy
jade12306 2 years ago
Is there an English version or English subtitles
rodent1 2 years ago
Sylvia Kristel was such a babe.
mz_reel 2 years ago
spronck 2 years ago
A classic erotic film, when I saw it in the cinema the scenes at 24.40 and 1.02 set my urge for clothed sex forever.
lukky4270 2 years ago
仏語理解不能 残念
PzMale 3 years ago
This is not the site for soft core....There's no point to it
mark1308 3 years ago
I remember taking my gf to see this and we were both as horny as hell when we got home !
I find it a little sad to revisit in a way as it was from younger happier times now I am just a sad old git.
Thanks for more magic , fabrice
shooter40 4 years ago
Always been one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing
serbiskslyna 4 years ago
i like this :)
loverboy650000 5 years ago
Sylvia I would love to be the man who lick your yummy pussy and slide my hard cock in you and we both fuck wildy til I cum in your face. I miss you Sylvia Kristel see you in porno heaven
bernie_hbg63 5 years ago
Thank´s for the upload and thank´s for that Sylvie Kristel has been in our world! ;-)
army68 5 years ago
horny, beautiful seductive most fuckable woman
peristero 5 years ago
Thanks for this great share!
ablondontheweb 5 years ago
Je veux être réincarné en Emmanuelle et me faire prendre par le passager à la cravate rouge dans l'avion !!
Oh la vache !!! Une bombe de mec !! Les épaules comme je les aime, larges et solides, une gueule d'homme viril et une allure d'homme puissant et dominateur....
Emmanuelle je t'envie tu peux pas t'imaginer !

Repose en paix ma chère Sylvia tu auras fait rêver des millions d'hommes dont mon papa.... Ca aussi ça aura été mon rêve !
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