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Getting his best friends wife pregnant.

Published by styckiface3 2 years ago
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Kenny_A 2 days ago
nice idea but who wrote the dialogue really laughable ,and not in a good way
nymphomaniac2014 3 days ago
very hot
william2015AND 5 days ago
The greatest fantasy...even better when real and not fantasy!
myFUNsex 10 days ago
Interesting comments. Maturing ladies who want a man with a good measure of masculine virility and plenty of throbbing erection to fill their penis-craving vaginas who only share sex loving occasionally miss 99% of sexual satisfying intercourse.

Why? Sharing sex with men is 1000 times more satisfying than any woman, and for us men, sex with another male is 1000 times less satisfying than with one or more ladies who live with us.

Think about this actress who fills her pussy with this man's beautiful penis once in awhile, and her body with his baby, but shares her bed every night with her hubby who wants sex with her less than she wants to fuck him. All she has to share with hubby is her jizz-filled pussy already sexually satisfied without him knowing.


Now, if she wants better sex, persuade both hubby and this guy to share fucking her together. She gets two hot, sticky jizz loads and hubby gets to watch and help another loving man love his dear life sex companion. Both men are her husbands. Maybe another lady will join and sex for four life companions satisfies desire for another penis and pussy, and the pleasures sex with another lover gives each other and their other life sexual companion.

Polyamory satisfies people who deeply love their spouses and love when sex with other dedicated sex companions fills relationship desires that need another lover everyone trusts as a lifetime sex mate. Sex intercourse together with lovers who share the rest of living together is 1000 times more exciting, compared to fucking casual sex partners who just may give severe disease with their pussy or penis.

garaudy 15 days ago
pussy supperrr.. pınk...mmmmm
moknk1 17 days ago
I hope my wife will be one of the seven
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Gabby35f 18 days ago
Oh yes thats some great sex
TheJizzler1960 23 days ago
Superb woman fantastic tits great pussy but please shave it for perfection. Great cunt full of fresh spunk. Nice raised clit. Now lub her ass with cum and fuck her bum hole
Godxeon 24 days ago
I'd cum on her cute glasses for sure
Flurk 1 month ago
She can sell me on that idea!  <g>
GBcplumb 1 month ago
Nice Creampied Pussy
jlhuo 1 month ago
Every wife should fuck another man at least once in her marriage. I've fucked 2 women who were married and they've enjoyed my cock very much. Even better if the husbands know about it and don't mind their wives playing on the side.
Kenny_A 2 months ago
and the body wow
Kenny_A 2 months ago
a bit sloppier please
Kenny_A 2 months ago
not listened to it but sounds good from the title 
humsx 2 months ago
WhiteNurce 2 months ago
but why she didnt get a black friend? 
Ardo50 2 months ago
love dirty talk...
Joey6942 2 months ago
Good thing he didn't mention his vasectomy!
snowmandan315 3 months ago
i want to cum deep in her pussy
Juan4sun 3 months ago
Just gotta love cum filled enthusiastic cunts!!
auxpiedsdesfemmes 4 months ago
Mmmh nice fuck ! lets make babys !
JoeyB 4 months ago
6 rings ... don't be a hater
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malachic 4 months ago
cheatriots fan, should you be in the gay section of xhamster
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JavHD 4 months ago
It is so hot
cuckhomeretro 4 months ago
i like watching her being fucked, and as fake tits go hers are pretty good and i love to dump a load of cum in a woman especially if its another mans woman and she then goes home to him
Jlpo02 5 months ago
Nice vídeo tour work is awesome
Friesbaconnekkid 5 months ago
I've gotten seven married women pregnant over the years. I don't think any of their husbands know the kids are mine. 
My_Sow_Cow_Wife 5 months ago
I wish someone would knock up my wife this way! She is 51 and still fertile, so there isn't much time left for her to fuck someone else and have another man's baby! 
in reply to QuantumDotXXX (Show the comment)
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