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Getting his best friends wife pregnant.

Published by styckiface3 2 years ago
Reply for Anonymous:
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humsx 3 days ago
WhiteNurce 6 days ago
but why she didnt get a black friend? 
Ardo50 9 days ago
love dirty talk...
Joey6942 10 days ago
Good thing he didn't mention his vasectomy!
snowmandan315 1 month ago
i want to cum deep in her pussy
Juan4sun 1 month ago
Just gotta love cum filled enthusiastic cunts!!
auxpiedsdesfemmes 1 month ago
Mmmh nice fuck ! lets make babys !
JoeyB 2 months ago
6 rings ... don't be a hater
in reply to malachic (Show the comment)
malachic 2 months ago
cheatriots fan, should you be in the gay section of xhamster
in reply to JoeyB (Show the comment)
JavHD 2 months ago
It is so hot
cuckhomeretro 2 months ago
i like watching her being fucked, and as fake tits go hers are pretty good and i love to dump a load of cum in a woman especially if its another mans woman and she then goes home to him
Jlpo02 3 months ago
Nice vídeo tour work is awesome
Friesbaconnekkid 3 months ago
I've gotten seven married women pregnant over the years. I don't think any of their husbands know the kids are mine. 
My_Sow_Cow_Wife 3 months ago
I wish someone would knock up my wife this way! She is 51 and still fertile, so there isn't much time left for her to fuck someone else and have another man's baby! 
in reply to QuantumDotXXX (Show the comment)
naughtychick 3 months ago
So fucking hot!
slickdan41 3 months ago
I have a girl that's been one of my best friends for over 20 years - we've never fucked but lately on and off I've been thinking about do this exact thing to her...
Laser177 4 months ago
Sounds amazing. What is the fee for something like this? I also like to play not just watch. She can last forever so it sounds like you could keep pace with her. She does have a bit of an issue with her cervix being bumped and it causes her a bit of pain. Would have to test the waters going slow to see how much she could handle. We have never done this so she is a big nervous but excited. If all goes well we may want to breed her as we have been wanting one more child before her window closes and I had myself fixed a couple years ago thinking we were done. Not sure how you feel about that. That’s would be down the road however. We are serious about maybe trying this out. I would love seeing her taking another cock then joining in. Always been my fantasy. Thank you for your time. 
in reply to Hungrite4u (Show the comment)
Hungrite4u 4 months ago
Yea he did have the prize winning white boys cock. My game is I've always produced a constant amount of precum and release huge loads. Over 65% of the time I enjoy multiple orgasms sometimes back to back. This all comes from a series of hormone shots twice a week for several weeks when I was 7yrs old. They were experimenting to correct an issue I had before having to use surgery. cock isn't quite as big as his but the length is more than sufficient to plant the huge loads I release fairly deep in the fuck mate I was banging.Its beautifully sculptured (cut) and now due to modern biaonics it will stay hard as long as she wants it to. And the Bonus, no swimmers in the large, hot loads I produce. The bonus got me involved in helping several young women(of legal age) on a continuous basis. If you both would like to try it out I can work with any scenario you come up with.
in reply to Laser177 (Show the comment)
Hungrite4u 4 months ago
Hey Tit22 go a little easy on yourself your not a loser just because you enjoy eating a healthy load from another guy out of your wife's pussy. Everybody has their own fetish. How does she feel about it? If you both get off on it then enjoy. There's some that enjoy bragging rights and others who prefer privacy and discretion and that's fine too.
in reply to Titanium22 (Show the comment)
Laser177 4 months ago
Damn that girl is hot! Guy has an amazing cock. Would love to see him knock up my little wife with that monster. Awesome vid.
lakeside_nz 4 months ago
omfg tats a frekn big cock wow bigger then my dildo loll. Way too girlfriend most Def Big...is there any condom will fit that gezess..
lakeside_nz 4 months ago
Omg girlfriend...dump him your husband and get another loll
sluttynaughtyhotwife 4 months ago
Mmmm...I'm masturbating to this now....wanna be knocked up this way. 
saitan62 4 months ago
this is hot as fuck
Hahmster 4 months ago
I would love to cum inside of you 
Hahmster 4 months ago
My god..those breasts 
Rastafoo 4 months ago
Very hot!
PhantasiaStudios 4 months ago
Jessica Alba 
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