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Helping step mom

Published by nasher01 5 years ago
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lisa-an 6 months ago
nice xx
spikymason 1 year ago
so amazing
samiraflow 1 year ago
Stern100 2 years ago
I thought the original one with this premise was the Jodi West version.
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Stern100 2 years ago
The easiest way to get her hand out is to look for a light switch close to the sink. First, turn on the water. Next, tell her you're counting to 5 then flipping the switch. If she still cannot get loose, flip the switch. Her hand will be free in no time. Oh, last step, almost forgot, call an ambulance. Cheers!!
luvdemfreakygirls 2 years ago
Ohhhh yeah....that is a great place to bust one out!!!! Love to watch it ooze out too!!!
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Pump1914 2 years ago
hell yeah, but if i get some stuck pussy. im nuttin inside that ass, lol
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fishnmaui 2 years ago
Not even close to the original. You need to be original to compare to the first one. Levi did a great job with the baby lotion, and mom was great resisting him. This gal seemed to know what was going to happen.
Too predictable.
fishnmaui 2 years ago
Another copy of the original video.
luvdemfreakygirls 2 years ago
And I do agree with you fully. I want to find some stuck pussy like
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Pump1914 2 years ago
would've been the best 1 stroke ever, lol
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spikymason 2 years ago
very hot
luvdemfreakygirls 2 years ago
Damn, Her ass cheeks made him cum good, lol. She got that good ass pussy. He wouldve bust in one stroke.
feenix45 2 years ago
Nikki Daniels
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feenix45 2 years ago
Nikki Daniels..
Enjoy Folks
spikymason 3 years ago
very nice
Straponman2016 3 years ago
love it boo
Hary34 3 years ago
Great ass
M-Maier 3 years ago
What's her name? Need more of her!
pilota 3 years ago
she's perfect
KnightUnderCover 3 years ago
Viewing again from my favorites; love this vid!
feenix45 3 years ago
pm her name plz
or name of movie
Donnerstagsk 3 years ago
Schöner, geiler Film.
Beautiful, horny movie.
ezail 4 years ago
FunMaster32 4 years ago
Hell Yeaahh,but that idiot really doesnt slam it in ..... oohh oohh ooh
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fukimosabe 4 years ago
So the moral of the story is: (a.) Beware of tight places (b.) Don't let you Meat Loaf (c.) Never Fist a garbage disposal (d ) A problem shared is a problem cut in half (e.) All of the above

Great share nasher01! Congrats on million plus views!
Provocedick 4 years ago
Like my aunt
yusuf-7gag 4 years ago
i like this shit
stacy18_bi 4 years ago
makes me wish i had a brother
Gaseous_States 4 years ago
I'd do the same she's fucking hot!
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