hidden cam in massage parlor

Published by luv2cum 11 years ago

jerking off in the korean massage parlor

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ladieskingme21 2 years ago
I don't understand why he didn't let her jerk him. This sucks. Did you pay her to act like your a bother ? You could have done that for free in the shower.
wankingallnight 2 years ago
Should have spunked at her!!! LOL
wildemanout 3 years ago
like it great!
SunsetBomb 3 years ago
I would give you some SERIOUS ball busting if that were me!
wankingallnight 4 years ago
love wanking in front of girls that like to watch!
marccolum 4 years ago
anyone knows other video like this? this one is amazing!!
Pornfan1 4 years ago
haha, you've got some balls!
myles35 4 years ago
Funny vid. Love the conversation. But! What is this place a SELF service massage parlor? Maybe you need to tip better to get an actual massage. rofl. just kidding.
focusontitties 5 years ago
hehe awesome.
what kinda cam can you suggest, i wanna try
anotherload 5 years ago
Seeing this makes me nut everytime ;)
xxxhamfanxx1 5 years ago
"What time do you open"....Brilliant his dialogue..haha
nnjroronoa201 5 years ago
Can anyone link me to part 2?
richardblack 5 years ago
where is the best place to find real massage videos like this
millibilli 5 years ago
pure display of sublime art of flashing
BiPaul 6 years ago
Absolutely awesome, I'd love to see more!
elelbusa 6 years ago
So great videos dude.add me?
matias_a 6 years ago
have done this too, love to jack off with female audience...must take a camera with me sometime...love your videos! Your conversation with the ladies while cumming is just priceless!
weaponex 6 years ago
Fucking awesome. Been there, done that, but without the cam.
hairy2palms 7 years ago
very good, the lady is very helping and understanding
geiler_spritzer68 7 years ago
asweetangel07 7 years ago
nice video
zith7400 7 years ago
Your videos are, 100%, the best I have ever seen of this genre. Reasons are as follows:
1) They are actually real
2) The balls you have (figuratively) are incredible.
3) The conversation you have with these women in all the videos makes me CRACK UP!!

Her: "Next time you buy time hour, huh?"
You: "Huh?"
Her ""Next time you buy time hour"
You: "Well that's I wanted to do now"
Her: "We not accept the credit card"

All the while you are cumming buckets... I LOL!!!!!!!!!! so hard.

Hands down the best, thanks for sharing these.
playa_325i 7 years ago
You handed her the cum rags?? Haha. You are a superstar!!
Scotsman99 8 years ago
Another awesome one! "Here, take my cumy fucking wipes!" LOL!
veryhappycouple 8 years ago
I can't help but notice in both of these massage parlor vids the ladies keep coming back into the room. Like three or four times!!/tw
Flomo81 8 years ago
thumbs up
pmz908 8 years ago
edipus 8 years ago
HOT! she wants to see you, she comes back! my mom watch me jerk off like this, in the door! she masturbates me sometime as well, very hot video and cumshot while she is there!
Lovetostroke 8 years ago
Keep em cumming!
Qlone 8 years ago
damn she has the perfect asian mature body. would love to see more of her.
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