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Huge Load into my Cobra Libre

Added by 6 years ago
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huklberry 1 month ago
Love seeing your ass twitch when you cum! Could show more of your twitching ass while cumming please!?
laden316 1 year ago
Very nice looking cock
claws1 2 years ago
In my mouth with that hot cock!!!
franker 3 years ago
nice cock!
birdhead 3 years ago
if this thing cost 500 dollars it would be worth it. it's had me literally in tears with pleasure.
dirtyoldbiman 3 years ago
cool, will have to search one. like how your cock flexed and you could see the cum pulsing up your shaft.
billbennett 3 years ago
i got one of these when i broke my hand lol.
they are intense.
the best way to use it is let it do its thing slowly,dont try and wank with it, just change the settings when you get bored and you will have the best orgasm ever
ssgooent 4 years ago
Ok guys, if your girlfriend were to lick "that" spot lightly until you built up to an orgasm, that's what it feels like times ten. Just be patient and let it take as much time as it can. I prefer the lower setting because the buildup will have you hanging from the ceiling!
ssgooent 4 years ago
Definitely get it. Just resist the urge to jerk off with it like this guy does. find a setting you like, watch some porn and let the machine do its job. I swear, you'll feel the orgasm coming from your toes. Just don't rush it.
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seamonkey89 4 years ago
is that thing worth it? over priced? thinking of getting one, your thoughts would be appreciated.
TVStuteAnja 5 years ago
Bist ja ein echter Geniesser ;-) Na so ein Prachtschwanz gehört doch geblasen, bis er dann im Stutenmäulchen abpumpt, da braucht man auch kein Handtuch *hihi*
Eichel11 5 years ago
mega geeeeiiiiiilllllllllllll
claudecougar 5 years ago
mmmmmm...if I was licking the balls !
n_niki99 5 years ago
you are satisfied about this toy or not? I want to buy this cobra libre and I don't know what to do
louau123 5 years ago
This is such a lazy mastaurbator without throbbing back and forth in order to come with an climax
Yoursexfriend 6 years ago
Woooow what a nice cock...
slutfucker 6 years ago
great vid. I admit I just skip to the end to watch your throbbing cock pump it's load into the vibe.

I want one!
swallowbear 6 years ago
Could this be any more boring?
jjMiles 6 years ago
I don't know what that is but I love the pumping cock it causes! Great!
ilikejuice 6 years ago
luvmyvenus 6 years ago
awesome watching your huge uncut cock throb and shoot into the cobra vibe... more please!
vanlow 6 years ago
i don't get it?
Cora- 6 years ago
Was bitte ist das?
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