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Japanese Amateur Miyuki

Added by 5 years ago
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naoekanemura 1 year ago
SpecialSauce 2 years ago
torkos17 4 years ago
adorable cutie, would love to facialize her
nagashima 4 years ago
She said she was raped when she was a virgin.
She was raped several times.
So she doesnt like sex though she sell herself.
TGirlFan-de-RB 5 years ago
Miyuki is a common Japanese female name which has several possible meanings.

美幸, meaning "beautiful fortune" or "beautiful happiness"
深雪, meaning "deep snow"
美雪, meaning "beautiful snow"
美由紀, meaning "beautiful reason for history"
幸, meaning "happiness" or "good fortune"
justphil 5 years ago
She looks scared to death, hardly smiles like she enjoys it, but she seems to have no problem fucking on camera.
JackTDiamond 5 years ago
jester, she might not have enjoyed it as much but her pussy sure did..
jester1970 5 years ago
I don't think that girl could have enjoyed that less. She was pretty damn cute though.
loadmaster7777 5 years ago
Nice and Sexy
billystarbilly 5 years ago
she's in porn she should have her mouth open and swollow his spunk.
naoekanemura 5 years ago
TGirlFan-de-RB 5 years ago
Got Rice !
I love this girl, reminds me of Midra (an x employee of mine)
xAsian 5 years ago
Nice girl and props to the director for adding a countdown clock to the finish! never seen that before :)
buzby 5 years ago
perfect amateur.......
japanegao 5 years ago
parena 5 years ago
nic44 5 years ago
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