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Keli Richards & Dick Rambone

Published by 6 years ago

Anal classic

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maxmagnummann 4 months ago
Dick Rambone is hot and manly. Hot ass. I would love to fuck him. He is Sicilian or Spanish origin?
ytu876 5 months ago
Loved this scene when it came out.  Kelly talks sol nasty and what an accent.
bbtm4utoday 8 months ago
This is one of my all time favourite anal scenes. Kelli is an anal queen.
phoenixman 11 months ago
Hit return and it posted previous comment! XHamster admin - please change this!!! What I also wanted to say was that there is another drawback to having a cock the size of J.H. and D.R. - quite often cumshots have to be faked (usually with a supply of PIna Colada cocktail mix!) You can clearly see this in one of J.H's movies (you can practically see the tube taped to the side of his cock, worked from a bulb pump being operated by one of the crew from behind his bum!
phoenixman 11 months ago
Re: comments about D.R. not being able to keep wood during shoots. Nothing unusual, bearing in mind the size (or the claims about his size!), that he struggled to maintain it - it's very common in guys even 9 inches. I've several guys over the years who have cocks as big as Dick's appears to be and they all say two things: 1. It's not the blessing you think it is, and 2. thank the Lord for the invention of 'little blue pills'! 
WornOutOldJitbag 1 year ago
...then there was the story (possibly apocryphal?) that Traci Lords told the Dark Brothers that Rambone had better get his dick hard because she wasn't going to help fluff him....and that she eventually got down and sucked him hard, while her pussy was sopping wet she was so turned on....
WornOutOldJitbag 1 year ago
Others have mentioned Rambone not being as big as advertised : that was pretty common back then, to overshoot their actual size. I don't think Holmesy was quite 12 7/8" either, but they each still had huge dicks! I'm pretty sure Lex has them all beat, not to mention he actually gets it hard...
WornOutOldJitbag 1 year ago
Keli is awesome! Nice body in addition to her cavernous asshole! 
WornOutOldJitbag 1 year ago
Makes me appreciate what a great player Keith Hernandez was, playing first base with cat-like reflexes, all the while trying not to trip over that huge whang that was bouncing around in his pants.
farlo 1 year ago
There's nothing Jersey about her accent. That is 100% Mass. Not quite Boston. ..Deerfield area, maybe.
pinkous6 1 year ago
She's from Jersey. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. too funny! I remember renting this VHS 30 years ago!!! Some habits never die :)
selfold 2 years ago
New York...Brooklyn I think..
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bbdl12 2 years ago
I'd love to get my as bored out by that huge fuckpole!!
homelesperan 3 years ago
justonemoreuser 3 years ago
Good vintage scene!
sturb98 3 years ago
No way he has 15inches. If thats a 15 inch cock, I have 12...
fastback63 3 years ago
is that a Boston Accent ?Hahahahahahaha she was hot though !!!
PornAce 4 years ago
I remember this one. Seen it in a porn theater in San Diego a long time ago!
torch1980 4 years ago
love how she says it burns but loves the pain...my type of woman
brianjacks 4 years ago
See my gallery at http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/2758042/dick_rambone.html. Yeah, he wasn't hard a lot but had a cute hairy bod as well as the big dick.
storm618 5 years ago
I love Keli's Bahston accent!
urbanspaceman 5 years ago
"...he gained quick following as a possible successor to John Holmes, but he had difficulty maintaining an erection, sometimes blamed on his size. He would have only one sex scene in most of his 29 videos, and effectively retired from porn performances in 1987.
urbanspaceman 5 years ago
Rambone was a lot like John Holmes in that you never see him hard.
RexHermaykup 6 years ago
Nice! What a dirty talking slut. I love the New England accent "Haaada haada!!
jamesandangela 6 years ago
whatever happened to dick rambone? did he have circulation problems from all that blood going south to his 13-1/2-inch fuckpole?
69blondie 6 years ago
bbtm4utoday 6 years ago
One of my all time favourite anal scenes with the talented Keli Richards :0)
muskox 6 years ago
This is the last scene from 1985's Caught from Behind #4.
kameron 6 years ago
lanadriller 6 years ago
Answering my own question, I think it is from the "Caught From Behind" series, but not sure which one.
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