Lady Gaga Seduces Katy Perry into Girl on Girl Action

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funchar 24 days ago
perfect xx
tuyau 4 months ago
Oui ah les salopes
PariswithLove 6 months ago
Bismoking 9 months ago
OK I love these two amazing women in their other films but must say this one was a little weak on story side. I mean really like Lady Gaga wouldn't have some amazing one of a kind strapon or dildo for them to play with?
Kathy-Lin 10 months ago
Hot vid
hornymale88 11 months ago
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theas69 11 months ago
Kimberly Kane
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hornymale88 12 months ago
anyone know who the hottie playing katy perry is?
Lovingpantys 1 year ago
heiss20 1 year ago
adrienneheels 1 year ago
You're right.....the women are lovely !!
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JustSomeGuyYouKnow 1 year ago
Much above expectations! The women are both beautiful and fit their roles well. Some wonderfully intense fingering on display, even if the fleeting moments of oral sex betray the gay-for-pay nature of the video shoot. Great fun, thanks for uploading!
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