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Long Dong Silver & Seka

Added by 6 years ago

Long Dong Silver & Seka Classic BBC

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Sechseinhalb 5 months ago
Kann der Typ nicht sprechen?
sirxxl2008 1 year ago
What a freak ... and no wood ;-)))
sonky1 4 years ago
the cock is prosthetic mandangos actuall penis size is a laughable 5 and a half inches,and this scene nearly ended sekas career,bad move.
sheenaindygirl 4 years ago
it was this movie that turned me into a Blonde for BBC
smily-long 4 years ago
der schwanz ist kein fake der typ steht in einem rekordebuch das ich habe
frisbe 5 years ago
I read what Long Dong is the same --as in Clarence Thomas --who sit on the suprem court in D.C. She was a hot babe. You never see him fuck anyone,but John Holmes you did.
txg123 5 years ago
white chick, white sheets great tits horse size black dick
wifeshare 5 years ago
All I kept thinking of when I heard her voice was "Oh no, Mr. Bill!"
riffrafff 5 years ago
whiteandblack 5 years ago
I saved it for the hot blonde, not the cock, fake or not...I'm jus' saying...
satyriasiss 5 years ago
oldie butt goodie
alfred52 6 years ago
Not one of Seka's best scenes but she is Gorgeous.
dieterdetter 6 years ago
a tail like an elephant trunk, but if it does not become hard uses the whole length nothing
rock5150 6 years ago
The guys cock was real. However, he couldn't get it hard. Notice they never show him penetrating her pussy. I've read some about this guy. That's why he never did many videos, he was unable to get that long dick hard.
Batman13 6 years ago
Viewing again, Seka is Hot!!
rambobo 6 years ago
not a big fan of fake weiners, but seka is hot!
eazepass 6 years ago
DirtyJeanTheLesbian 6 years ago
There was a guy called King he different...
dickcox69 6 years ago
Whether its real or or not is anyones guess but I dont think it was ever actually in her.
dooStank 6 years ago
And how come you mugs can believe John Holmes is real, but the not the Dong?....hmmmm
dooStank 6 years ago
ummm..never knew Seka did an interracial scene

som'n suspicious about this one
Buttnhose 6 years ago
Sorry guys, been a know to be a fake for years.

Here's the Wiki link
LovesPantiHose 6 years ago
that is not real
and had been verified over and over
bud01456 6 years ago
Long Dong is famous for the size of his tool, and yea, it's real, but you never really see him get hard, in anything, probably can't. A blessing, and a curse...
uabstud 6 years ago
ya 18 inches.. read further.. it also says its a prosthesis
cuckoldforever 6 years ago
ong Dong Silver is the pseudonym of retired porn star Daniel Arthur Mead. He appeared in several pornographic movies in the UK and USA during the late 1970s and early 1980s, famed for the apparent size of his penis (18 inches / 45 centimeters).
cuckoldforever 6 years ago
I do not believe it !!!!!!
Batman13 6 years ago
Love Seka, a true legend! 5 Stars, thanks for sharing!
Warwood 6 years ago
I do Love Seka Clips...
virtious_lust 6 years ago
Jezus..that is not normal...I dont believe that is his real the hell would he be able to get that "thing" hard enough all the way without loosing contiousness...I mean..that dick would need so much blood to stay errect..that it would make him pass out! lolol Hot lady in this movie those...and I do apreciate the classics..and agree we should have more classics from Christy Canyon and Traci Lords on here! :)
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