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Madonna and Naomi Campbell posing nude

Added by 6 years ago

shoot for Madonna's "Sex" book.

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Dominate1 4 years ago
Not surprising that Madonna can fuck up something as beautiful as Naomi. 3, Dom
h2os1946 4 years ago
Loved it. Thanks
bigdogjohnson23 6 years ago
I'd fuck 'em both!
phuccer 6 years ago
they should have just kissed that would have been hot
skieviking 6 years ago
topman185 6 years ago
It is Naomi Campbell, she was featured in Madonna's book/film 'Sex'.
10Cato27 6 years ago
Tjat was not Naomi Campbell. The Black chic was lovely but she was not Naomi Campbell! The other chic was pretty too, but she was not Medonna. I really dig these ladies look though.
MarlboroMan 6 years ago
da_great_one 6 years ago
This gives me 1992 pre-teen memories. :)
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