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Mature Justine Posing 1

Published by anonymous 11 years ago
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kashi702 4 months ago
someone needs to fuck her long and hard. and then 5 more guys need to come and fuck her pussy, ass and moth 4 hours more. she would love it 
SilentWings 5 months ago
she could have spread her gorgeous white butt  it a bit more.. :) 
She is maybe a bit shy about her asshole.. as older women sometime are because they are ashamed it's not as pristine as in their teen days , haha  ..
SilentWings 5 months ago
Same, mate...  I was going to write exactly what you said !!!
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goodhead1969 7 months ago
Mmm, she looks like my wifes Aunt.
darx 1 year ago
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darx 1 year ago
His asshole is paradise door
jamal849 1 year ago
Woman-goddess, for less I do not agree.
ceesflodder 2 years ago
klammer 2 years ago
You can resist?
roomeotender 2 years ago
Good-looking Model, if you fancy a drunken women.
olderhusband 2 years ago
delicious -that's a wife!!
Like_I_Am 2 years ago
I absolutely LOVE Justine!
tolger 2 years ago
An oldie but goodie. I used to jack off to her when I was in college 15-20 years ago. Her ass is a marvel of female anatomy, and those tanlines still drive me crazy.
1slider1 2 years ago
idcd 3 years ago
absolutely a lovely lady
msorbie 4 years ago
great should have put her fingers inside to wank her self off
subtletyisgood 4 years ago
Nice. But I want to see this teaser fuck! Preferably with ME!!
DevilDaddy 4 years ago
She has an ASS all of her own, never seen such a shape before.
Flexible-Pretzel 4 years ago
Flexible-Pretzel 4 years ago
gallanthomme 4 years ago
I've been a fan of this lady for a very long time, and she never ceases to fascinate me. She is absolutely gorgeous.
jimmac1949 5 years ago
I'd marry you in a second Justine!!!!!!
darx 5 years ago
No puedo olvidarla, decididamente Justine me encanta, es mi tipo ideal, esas nalgas, perfectas, son el supremo sol , es como una reina de la sensualidad, la amo.
darx 5 years ago
siempre acabo volviendo a Justine, esa raja caliente y hermosa entre esas carnes blancas es insuperable.
darx 5 years ago
El culo de Justine es delicado, blando, suave, flácido, es el trasero más hermoso de una madura en internet.
PUTTANA53 6 years ago
Questo che filma è sicuramente gay! Quando ha allargato la figa le avrei infilato il mio cazzo duro fino nell'utero e le avrei sborrato dentro a sta gran troiona!
tommyirish11 6 years ago
Does this beautiful lady have a website or some way I can send her a comment? Man, she is one sexy lady!
kennethperry 6 years ago
hi Justine e-mail me please
bademeister76 6 years ago
Oh man die ist echt süss
tommyirish11 6 years ago
This Woman is unbelievably HOT!!!!!!!! Does anyone know if she has her own website somewhere? I'd love to see more of her! Perfect body and personality!
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