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Miss Nude Contest 1970's

Added by 7 years ago

Nothing is more American than a good old fashion showing of our colors and bounty.

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jdub14000 4 months ago
These ladies are grandmothers now.
awood13 1 year ago
California through the 1970's must have been one of the coolest places to be on Earth at the time.
awood13 1 year ago
Immediately straight to my favorites.
tomtomshay 2 years ago
at the treehouse fun in devore cal.there was a teen age girl named mariah who sucked off all the judges to win the spring teen contest even her mom and dad knew it she was about 16 or 17 at the time and had an awesome body .there was a trailer behind the stage for the judges she blew all 6 of them at once while they sat in chairs waiting their turn .but her parents were proud of her for winning
Flexible-Pretzel 2 years ago
Flexible-Pretzel 2 years ago
st_john_green 3 years ago
Very cool
Marbob 3 years ago
Good times but no one shaved. Hate hair in my mouth! Kisses, Mar
HauloverFan 4 years ago
I remember one show I went to at Naked City, the winning lady gave a blowjob to the lucky guy who was selected to be her "consort." That was pretty hot, don't know if they did that more than once. I also went to Drost's place in SoCal, and the sex action was more open there.
asianflyer 4 years ago
my wife looked at vid again and told me she is at 20 sec and 90sec marks.
asianflyer 4 years ago
May be late 70s to no more than 82. I met my wife first time at a club she was a prof entertainer (fan dance type stuff not stripper) in Tenn in mid 70s one night. Forward to 94 and met her again, but online. She'd become mid 50s and bbw, but worked like most entertainers have, in counseling as me too. We got married and compared her old album and saw same place as in video. She is one of the tall leggy blondes. Her breasts are natural and same as then.
korpratos 4 years ago
i just love all those hairy triangles between those women's legs! particularly like the blonde with the big black bush around 1'40" - awesome
CharlotteEngelhardt 4 years ago
cool - old times ;)
Smuttie 5 years ago
Any Miss.(Mrs.)Sexy Black Nude, contests anywhere? Please Post. Thanks, in advance.
BeachBoner 5 years ago
Blew a lot of loads at Naked City Indiana
mzpassion69 5 years ago
Alot of them are in there 60's now I see what everyone was doing when I was very
ClockworkO 5 years ago
Would have loved to have been there
officeotk 6 years ago
Now that's the way natural women are SUPPOSED to look!
winterthurer12 6 years ago
I prefer the new videos of buttman with many more good looking nude models.Look at 'buttman at nudes a poppin'
letschill 6 years ago
great vid ! can any1 tell me where i can find more vidz like this ? or get the full video
MarlboroMan 6 years ago
ratonayala 6 years ago
Does anyone know what's the name of the song at 00:37?
Jerry04 7 years ago
1980 does sound right actually. I know Bo Derek made cornrows on white women popular after she was in the movie "10" which was 1979. Also the hair do's on the other women looks more 1980 than 1970. And yes I too love those sweet buches on women yummy. Great vid.
Rob31180 7 years ago
Awesome video. Love the natural women.
zyprft 7 years ago
paul18 7 years ago
cornrows on a white chick? seems odd for the times
boobka 7 years ago
great contest! This girls are really nice & sexy
Marseli89 7 years ago
cooles video
ussu 7 years ago
old is gold
hangingout1984 7 years ago
Nice bush on these chicks.
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