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mom 55 years old loves her Son's friend and his friend

Added by 9 years ago
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Pluck 8 months ago
i swear i would fuck that tight wet granny pussy all day
rubu90 1 year ago
Great anal mum. Love her skin color suspenders and the way she had one leg on the table while he did her ass from behind and telling him she likes it up the back door. All mature mums should take stock off that and get right down to it in the kitchen and give it their all. Im so hard for her now i would let her piss into my mouth just to give it a bit more edge. Great pair of titts . Brings memories flooding back when i at the tender age of seventeen was seduced and by my stepmother in the kitchen over breakfast. My step mum always wore nylons like this one too which a teenager developed a fetish for. Mu stepmum knew that and played me like a flute. That was in 1981. This one has the almost identical body to her . Her hair style is similar too. Oh how i fondly remember those days . Shame about the picture quality here but i still put it the the favorites because it so reminds me of my stepmum.
m2sorl-2012 1 year ago
I've seen this on VHS! On man I can not remember the name of it.... I was in my teens... lol
mrjuggs 1 year ago
love the fucking music! this was released before video existed so was fucking old then!
Muffgyver 1 year ago
Anyone know the movie...or even the actress. Thanks in advance.
rocrke 2 years ago
They really fucked her beaver!
pvov 2 years ago
ну тётка поспешила.
tiekbane 2 years ago
I like the music.
Applewhite 2 years ago
Having two sociopaths over for diner
brown14bill144 2 years ago
GIE IT TO HER Thanks for the posting
fuckerskin 2 years ago
old bastard :)O)
nounours47 3 years ago
calflover2 3 years ago
usmcfu 3 years ago
rocxyannal 3 years ago
yes!!!!! fuck this Mom...
ilovematurewomen1958 4 years ago
perfect milf!!!!!
eexximent 4 years ago
Taboo raised and nurtured unexpected comment here. This post was four years ago which makes her 57 now do u share her? Would love to see a pic
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DMWilmot 4 years ago
Needs some re-editing or has it been 'cut & pasted', but the action is OK
carolinafan2012 4 years ago
i like to fuck her!
ben_quick 4 years ago
divine lady!!!!!!!!!!
Nastyman2011 4 years ago
turdylush 5 years ago
just like my first fuck, an old granny didnt realise she was grooming me at the time......
Riccc 5 years ago
One second the wholesome grannyslut says, "would you like some chocolate chip cookies?" and the next she has a pair of sweaty, hairy balls slapping her gaping mouth. Nice.
abok74 5 years ago
LOVE this vid. HUGE Shablee fan!!!
zero1941 5 years ago
Very, very hot GILF. I'd fuck her in a heartbeat. Cookies and milk, and PUSSY TOO!
fekunduloorkokso 5 years ago
old video. i'm sure i watched it on xhamster before with a better video quality.
Denoue 5 years ago
She's so lovely, but the dialogue is fucking stupid and makes me cringe.
pll528 5 years ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...Mrs. Beaver Cleaver!
golias 5 years ago
chiefnut 5 years ago
She is one really sexy mature lady
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