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maturelover2016 5 months ago
Id suck that clit all day and all nite
mistye 3 years ago
Love women only gyms
pervertxxx 4 years ago
i'd love to get a girl with clit as big or bigger !
beastboy25 4 years ago
WTF!?!?!? She can only bench 20?
bigcountry0812 5 years ago
fuck yes
Liploveruk 6 years ago
My dream!
lesbolover82 6 years ago
I love vids like this. I was with a muscle girl once that had a huge, looooong clit. She was actually able to fuck me with it. I love sucking on was barely over 3 inches long. =)
gonzohss 6 years ago
great one
Sondra200 6 years ago
Only recently have I started becoming attracted to these muscle girls. While I prefer normal sized women, this has really sparked my interest lately. Maybe I need to switch my gym! I would really love to spend a night sucking one of those big, beautiful clits.
subsmurfen 6 years ago
I want to be their sexslave
albani 6 years ago
Victims of hormone abuse
mikewolverine 6 years ago
Krone123 6 years ago
nice pussies
dasout 6 years ago
many111 6 years ago
fuckin hot
Martian8 6 years ago
go to gym many times and never see such girls!
Capella 6 years ago
Yeah, I read once that their labia and clits enlarge (irreversibly) from using hormonal supplements for building muscle. Why doesn't that work for men?! love the roast beef in this video!
Darius-is-Back 6 years ago
Love how all Female Bodybuilders have large distended clits !!
John-Thomas 6 years ago
Very nice pussies but hideous silicone tits.
killamichelle 6 years ago
damnn blonde has nice tits
wwilliams 6 years ago
awesome , both ladies have awesome bodies , wow love their clits . their pussys must be very very tight and strong. great video
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