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Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Shots of Only Nicki)

Published by 3 years ago
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daveded 2 years ago
sexy as fuck...av cum
Rapetile 2 years ago
why kill? then keep raping her fat juicy ass
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UranusFangirl 2 years ago
A major improvement, surprisingly.
lovenohate 2 years ago
Wanne fuck her ass so hard
lovenohate 2 years ago
My goddd, look at that fcking asss, hmmm so hot!
hotgirl-00 3 years ago
surfsup18 3 years ago
Nicki is so hot!
DwayneP 3 years ago
Oh this is the shit right here, I need more of these.
bcboii 3 years ago
like his name romaine AHAHHAHAHAHAHHA
krayt 3 years ago
Would love to see a sextape from her
chris2332 3 years ago
shes so fucking hot
Itsmemmm 3 years ago
Love the music, love her style. My idol..
bipapi 3 years ago
love stroking my dick to her
Schwaenzelchen93 3 years ago
I would rape these fucking whore and then kill her
TvMartina26 3 years ago
Damn right!!!
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don300 3 years ago
she needs a big fat white cocky stuffed up her big black ass
TvMartina26 3 years ago
Fuck Yeah!!!
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hd6363 3 years ago
I need Anaconda!!
beastcrab 3 years ago
excellent work,
awridgeanil_chick 3 years ago
i love my titties creamed!
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zenzaxaznez 3 years ago
Anaconda is the best Nicki video yet. (The song itself is horrendous)

I can't help but to fap to dat ass!!
TvMartina26 3 years ago
Hot loveeee nicki
trythisonenow 3 years ago
cum inducing video, but i hate that remixed song, terrible music
mayday0331 3 years ago
Loved it!
ClassiPorn 3 years ago
she's hot
jiminylickit69 3 years ago
If not for that amazing body four minutes of teen culture would be totally unbearable.
Izz-Al-Din 3 years ago
love this video
enrico4321 3 years ago
loved this vid, thanks!!
celebritylover92 3 years ago
Great vid she is a goddess..she loves her titties creamed you can tell. I'd be happy to oblige
Neko-ChanX 3 years ago
Loved the video, hot as fuck. They missed the opportunity having Nicki wrapped up by an anaconda though :c oh well, there's always next time
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