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Nicki Minaj: Sexy Compilation

Published by DwayneP 3 years ago

Sexy Nicki Comp, credit and thanks to the created of the vid.

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InstaGurlz 6 months ago
I always come back to this video, shot so many loads over this slut!
w o w.....
Corday4321 1 year ago
fuck yeah, I can jack off to this better than any of her single crappy videos lol
celebwhorelover 1 year ago
My queen
hammiecluez 1 year ago
Certainly the most perfectly proportioned popstar I've lusted over! Tits, Ass, & Personality to match!!!
gmen666 2 years ago
I wanna tie her breasts up nice and tight ,and fuck her hard ,she's hot !!!!
mafutcunasa 2 years ago
shes such a hot cunt!!!
deeinph 2 years ago
Love it. Awesome whack material
DwayneP 3 years ago
Me either. Lol
in reply to Lydorender (Show the comment)
Lydorender 3 years ago
Can't stop faping to this omg.
DwayneP 3 years ago
Same here, she is an addiction for me. Gets me off frequently
in reply to horny20yroldbi (Show the comment)
horny20yroldbi 3 years ago
Nicki minaj is like crack cocaine for my cock .....shit!
DwayneP 3 years ago
Oh yeah, still love this video
in reply to jackhard88 (Show the comment)
jackhard88 3 years ago
Far out, months later and this vid is still SMOKIN. Gets me so hard everytime. Thanks again OP!
booblaa25 3 years ago
Nicki is so fucking hot!
SickandTwistedDom 3 years ago
Great quality on this.
DwayneP 3 years ago
Most definitely
in reply to pivot_point (Show the comment)
pivot_point 3 years ago
Fucking sexy! Nicki needs more love and this video helps provide it ;)
The-Lion 3 years ago
Nicki is so hot
DwayneP 3 years ago
Her name is Ciara and the song is called "I'm Out"
in reply to jackhard88 (Show the comment)
jackhard88 3 years ago
Who is the girl she's with at 1:38? And possibly what song that it's from?
krayt 3 years ago
that body, so fucking sexy!!!
DwayneP 3 years ago
You and me both!
YaBoyTributes 3 years ago
I love wanking my cock over Nicki! Her ass at 5.24 makes my so hard!
DwayneP 3 years ago
Right there with u, could look at it all day!
xxxTributerxxx 3 years ago
such a hot girl! that fat ass gets me, always!
DwayneP 3 years ago
Me too, looks so damn good
ricardobobby55 3 years ago
fuckkk, I love seeing her asscrack at 2:55. makes me cum everytime
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