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Nina DePonca (Light Skin Black American) & Casey King

Added by 4 years ago

Erotic ebony entice guy in a hot, horny, raunchy & erotic moment

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1969ron 11 months ago
Hot black sex action, 80's style!!
homelesperan 1 year ago
First I want to say Nina DePonca is among the finest honey and erotic black pornstar in porn film\merchandise history! She is not Puerto Rican. There use to be a full video on where she (where you could here it from the horse's mouth, so goes the saying!) states that people or websites that gives bio (Biography) about her state (Said) in error that she is from Ponce, Puerto Rico and is Latina. Well she state (Said) she is black and she is from Youngstown, Ohio or someplace here in the U.S.A. The video of her stating that is where she is outdoor during the day, selling her video materials on and pledging anybody who buy her material would get a five minute nasty or dirty phone call conversation (with her) a.k.a. phone sex (LOL). Unfortunately now there is only a partial video of that on (Not her stating where she from and her ethnicity, unfortunately). I try searching for that (Full) video of her stating where she is from and mentioning her ethnicity but to no avail that I could found on the internet (Ironically!) But here's a weblink bio that says different (to what you stated),
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kcmoney1 1 year ago
Actually she is not a light-skinned black woman, she is Puerto Rican.
sirlikkalot 2 years ago
I've been searching for this pussy eating scene for years, I was never into eating pussy until I saw nina deponca in this scene late 80's now I love to eat pussy Thanks Nina.
mrclittlicker75 2 years ago
still lwould let her fuck my tongue like that
homelesperan 3 years ago
Very erotic video, very erotic babe with very erotic name (Nina DePonca), the golden age of porn and of the 1980s! :)
Jizzy_J 3 years ago
is that eddie murphy?
killaman187 4 years ago
I've been looking for this for 12 years thank you
homelesperan 4 years ago
I love this video, it's down to Earth hot, sexy, erotic & raunchy. This is a awesome & fantastic video for couples or singles to view or watch and experience human sexuality at its best! I'm disappointed that they didn't make this video last a whole lot longer, more fucking (penetration view shots), oral sex & foreplay! Still this is an A+ porn video I'll treasure :)
kellysabrina27 4 years ago
soooo amazing
wm76 4 years ago
prepp 4 years ago
Nina is my all time favorite.
Genius68 4 years ago
good one i remember this video
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