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oh yes!

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yakitty 6 months ago
I really love it
tommthomas 7 months ago
That's a real relationship!
stevie6808 2 years ago
kamenm 4 years ago
Love the brunette! What's her name!
peekr 4 years ago
Don't get me wrong, I think this video is awesome. However, they both look very familiar as porn girls... I do not know names, but I don't think this is truly amateur.
janeos01 4 years ago
They really enjoyed themselves, glad i found this, thanks for posting
mopchry 6 years ago
That brunette made the nipples hard on that blonde.
missapathetic 7 years ago
Yummy girls.
sungun 7 years ago
Like Groucho Marx said: "I knew her before she was a virgin"
willyc 7 years ago
Even with the bad tats and piercings the brunette is SO HOT! Love amateur lesbians!
dragon187 7 years ago
scooby dooby doooooo!!
12234 7 years ago
love to fuck them both
G401 7 years ago
5 star
tourouzelle 7 years ago
Deux jeunes pisseuses qui prennent le temps de s'amnuser. C'est toujours plaisant à regarder. Merci !!
pete_stoke 7 years ago
lovembigg 7 years ago
very good
whilmer 7 years ago
:-((( not disponible :-(((
bandeeMC 7 years ago
optanda 7 years ago
Sweet film - both girls very tender, tactile and sensual: but Blondie didn't need to pretend she was a novice just for our benefit, or whimper quite so much either! I think there was far more acting in this film than some here seem to think, but it was very well done and this shouldn't detract from anybody's appreciation of this film as a tender, intimate and very sweet girlie film!
petdyke 7 years ago
Both young girls have greenish eyes. They don't just have sex, they make love - lost in lots of lust and fun. The blonde pretends to be newbie in lesbian love, but she's a pro in tease of camera.
The short-haired brunette is an experienced hot-pot. Both come genuinely. Great video, 5 star indeed!
redmandyp 7 years ago
Love the brunette...has she done anything else?
mib14 7 years ago
love it when one or both have glasses..the brunette is so sexy...
blondeebee 7 years ago
sometimes the chemistry is there and it makes a hot clip that much hotter...this was such a case...thank you!
bigb6around 7 years ago
The brunette is fantastic
lanfeust 7 years ago
tres bonne video merci!!^^
just_joe 7 years ago
Great vid.
hairy_puter 7 years ago
Goldmouth 7 years ago
Oh yes indeed! ty!
bozilla 7 years ago
i love the brunette
thicknhard80 7 years ago
mmm fuck Ill just tell them What I want them to do
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