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Penis Enlargement

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Erotic penis enlargement massage

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sexy38man 4 years ago
the water thing does help
jigmaster 5 years ago
where's the rest of it??
silkepatrik 6 years ago
Beautiful cock :)
smcp26 6 years ago
thats huge
myfinal 6 years ago
big enough :D
skyboy83 6 years ago
Beautiful cock!!
andre69 6 years ago
He has a beautiful cock.
miklos 6 years ago
Astounding...Oiling your cock, jerking-off and swinging your tool from side to side. Is there a Nobel Prize in this guys future...:-)?
stoppid 6 years ago
hmm? nice dick!
mynameisjonas 6 years ago
2 things. Why is this in the emo section, and why the hell is this guy "enlarging" his dick. Its already massive!
pato7 6 years ago
very huge cock
Jason87 6 years ago
This is called jelqing, i got a permenant bruise on the bottom of my shaft because of it.. if anyone knows how to cure the bruise let me know.
dave0824 6 years ago
Hmmm thats all it takes huh?
fra1 6 years ago
bullshit...though he doesnt need to enlarge his dick!!!!
mike231274 6 years ago
yeah like this brother needed to enlarge his MEMBER!
LustySlut 6 years ago
DICKS have a way to get enlarged when thay are played with. He had a nice DICK but I love his Beautiful Low Hanging BALLS! Bet they really get Swinging and Slapping when he Fucks. I would like to see his DICK in some Fuck action. I wonder if he Fucks Pussy?
ldavis16 6 years ago
dumb video, but awesome cock
dtgblue3 6 years ago
er, don't think he needs to bother
drumgasmic 6 years ago
I've seen this type of video and set up before. Except the other one had an Arabian man with a god of a cock!
pinkyf42 6 years ago
Hmm what do i make of the so called penis enlargement "exercise"? Not much if the truth be told. this was just an erotic masturbation. rather than quick wan or whatever you want to call it. sorry. still erotic to watch though
jake_ready 6 years ago
Wow he really looked like he needed it..Horse cock!!
Alpie 6 years ago
Huge cock would like too see it fully hard
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