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plain white wife gets black cum pt 1

Added by 8 years ago

plain everyday housewife gets fucked and inseminated by black men - pt 1

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J7Merch 4 months ago
BBC from CL shows up said my wife had a nice ass 30 minutes later I have the kids at the park and my wife at home with an 11" bbc up her ass the first time. Came back every Sat. morning like clockwork lol.
J7Merch 4 months ago
Nice very nice more than once lol.
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vital99 7 months ago
She won't forget that big cock after taht pounding
soeager2 9 months ago
It's the "plain, everyday housewives" who really appreciate the horny, black studs who will fuck their brains out !! And, of course, kinky gurls like me !!
lyndsi 9 months ago
omg yesssss oh did i ever!! one good grunt from him and i was gone..
oh my......
take me like that..............
reifesabine44 1 year ago
OMG, please also make me orgasm, also give me that big clack penis, also inseminate me and make me pregnant this way.
recks 1 year ago
Any more of her hit me up with a name or video please
reifesabine44 1 year ago
OMG, please also make my mature belly full of fertile cum
Imagebreaker 1 year ago
love the way the dirty bitch moans as he fucks her
flyers99 1 year ago
Great do you a long version....?
bootylover7 1 year ago
destroy my wife like this and breed her
exiter65 1 year ago
hum deliciouse
vital99 1 year ago
She is a real screamer
reifesabine44 1 year ago
Oh wonderful. I'm also looking for a very huge black penis, impregnating me for real in front of my cuckold husband. Message me for a real breeding...
Caged4Ever 2 years ago
Nice and deep
tommygunn50mm 2 years ago
Good whore wife
Wolf95 2 years ago
Hot! I'd like to have been sucking her toes and licking her feet while he fucked her. Then ate her pussy.
whitewomen123 2 years ago
NEVER pull out of a White woman......EVER.
Drambuie62 2 years ago
Hard moaner! FINEST!
Blknfun 2 years ago
Incredibly hot!!!!
38801 2 years ago
TOE Curling FUCK
Fredlake 4 years ago
excellent untagged creampie
wifefuckedbyblacks 4 years ago
Nice fuck, she took it well
7722 4 years ago
hope she is on birth control with cock like that
zolbouk 5 years ago
great toe curling here !
Ibjorker 5 years ago
Love this, thanks for posting!
cummingss 6 years ago
Also, notice how at the beginning how her second biggest toe (the one curled in) is purple compared to her other toes! That sexy bitch is curling in that toe so hard from all the pleasure that she's receiving that she's cutting off the blood flow from her toe resulting in it being purple lol. I would love to lick her feet and suck her toes as she's getting fucked by BBC. :)
cummingss 6 years ago
Did you see at the beginning how her second biggest toe was curled in more than her other toes and when the camera started to point away from them, her toes had a spasm and opened up quickly?! That sexy bitch must've really been feeling it because I never saw that before on any girl or boy lol. I would've loved to lick her feet and suck her toes as she was getting fucked by the BBC. :)
suzietaylor 6 years ago
mmmmm amazing
cummingss 6 years ago
I love her sexy curling toes!
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