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Play Time (1994 erotic movie)

Published by TetsuoShima 7 years ago

One of my first favourite "porn" I have to keep uploading my other movies and clips. Any recommendations regarding watermarks is always welcome

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citizen_of_hamster 5 months ago
CANADIANCID123 7 months ago
mazen5555522 9 months ago
monique is my love
petenopete 1 year ago
johan781 1 year ago
i love this.. one of the best.. i especially love the last scenes .. where the guy is telling his teen experience with step mom... step mom is so damn hot
pinacsen 1 year ago
hell YEAH
Tina8329 1 year ago
gkcguy 1 year ago
Great upload, thanx.
nipsie 1 year ago
I love Monique!
Dimpledave 2 years ago
Fantastic vid!!
seethrufetishes 2 years ago
Great movie with sexy bad naughty girls that I love to marry
mikewolverine 3 years ago
love it
justonemoreuser 3 years ago
Nice vintage!
mochrulli 3 years ago
Monique parent god damn hot
ichat85 4 years ago
i watched this about 100 times. my god
droogyxxx 4 years ago
My absolute favorite soft core film of all time! Thanks for finding and sharing it!!!
badboy_39 4 years ago
I was too.....
in reply to 2bornot2b (Show the comment)
janecali 4 years ago
what i don't understand is once they switch husbands why do they show the one couple twice having sex, but the other not at all?
citizen_of_hamster 4 years ago
briefstom 4 years ago
The most erotic movie ever made? My gf and I love this.
vbrunner2013 4 years ago
This was the first porn I ever saw. My friend had Cinemax and he recorded it for me on VHS. I remember hiding the tape in the depths of my closet back when porn was really hard to come by.
vbrunner2013 4 years ago
Real men can appreciate some hair
in reply to Ih8breastimplantz (Show the comment)
Daggers_90 4 years ago
Tomjohnson270 4 years ago
Incredible vid!
Ziggy843 5 years ago
Jennifer Leigh Burton is the most AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT female EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2bornot2b 5 years ago
I must of been jacking at the same time as sejast...
sejast 5 years ago
I remember jacking off to this back in the day. Those two women were so sexy for some reason. It was one of those magical combinations. Wish these two did real lesbian scene.
James0069 5 years ago
All time fave...nuff said
ichat85 5 years ago
holly hot. unblvble. superhot. anyone knows this kind of any movies? these days porns cnt come even closer.its looks like a movie.not porn
grover3 5 years ago
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