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Public slave husband

Published by niro2222 7 years ago

My wife show me her sister

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cbtluvr2009 10 months ago
There are so many ways that they could have put him to use -- but they wasted the opportunity
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FeetSlave84 1 year ago
Une belle façon de surprendre et d'étonner vos copines qui ne manqueront pas de revenir souvent !!!
hafem 1 year ago
His cock looks ready to burst 
vizzano36 2 years ago
Esse vídeo é ótimo, não canso de assistir.
vizzano36 3 years ago
Um dos melhores vídeos que já vi.
ned-power 3 years ago
It's too good for these stupid bitches...Time to show them who's in command!
obeissant24 3 years ago
bdsm 3 years ago
Any one know the. Mistresses Name
bluframe 3 years ago
they didnt use him enough
patrickcm1512 3 years ago
Lucky hubby (?)
paige69cums 4 years ago
so perfect i love when i am humiliated in front of others like this
devotermann45plz8 4 years ago
easylover6 4 years ago
love the Teases.... :-)
bdsm 4 years ago
I would this done to me any one in the uk can help me
netrans73 4 years ago
uncomonnerd 5 years ago
that tiny lock will be no problem to break than take a hammer and pulverize the cage leave it on kitchen table with divorce papers.
julie004 5 years ago
well it seems that the slave do has quite a long cock,, his cock completely fill the belt,,
it is very hard for someone having a cock like him to wear this device,,
this sould be wore by man having small cock of 2 -4 inches
netrans73 5 years ago
pantiesboner 5 years ago
would be pure heaven to be in front of those women and humiliated
ladocile 6 years ago
What about do they laugh? They look like idiots
CharlieEchoMike 6 years ago
I'm very aroused.
wormbitch 6 years ago
engmanalt 6 years ago
Nice feet and sexy misses
KCUM 6 years ago
HerrinCarmen 6 years ago
genau das, was er verdient
Mrheinsenberg 6 years ago
delicia deity is awesome
smartbeat 6 years ago
Thats'a very nice situation.
Really, this is it : at the beginning, women don't understabd and laugh at it.
They first think it's ridiculous.
But since they discover how much power this kind of game gives them, they never stop to go further.
Believe me, it's getting faster and faster for them to become real dominas after that kind of treatment.
semba06 6 years ago
so very arousing
uzmeplz 6 years ago
break the bitch never let him cum
katiatrav 6 years ago
They humiliate him so good !
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