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Retro Is The Best 162 (Blu Ray)

Published by 7 months ago
Categories: HD Videos Retro Blu Ray
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PurpleReign99 18 days ago
Thank you so much - you’re a star 
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nyr2002 23 days ago
Peonies Jong.  Film is Oriental Blue
PurpleReign99 1 month ago
Anyone know the name of the movie or the Chinese lady’s name? Love to see her in other stuff 
PurpleReign99 1 month ago
That’s actually superb - really great porn.  The Chinese lady is just fantastic.  Love all the hairy twats back then too.  Apart from the awful music, in many ways this is better than much of modern, plastic, by numbers porn. 
art4Luv 4 months ago
The best
mantle5 7 months ago
Excellent!  Great beauty and closeups.  Thanks much
muskox 7 months ago
I'll bet the Bernard Herrmann estate wasn't too pleased that they ripped off his score to a 1951 SF classic...assuming they ever found out about the theft.
_GloryDays_ 7 months ago
nice old school film with some of porns early stars.
UncleDale 7 months ago
as you can see, we went thru some pretty hard times back then....
newtarak 7 months ago
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