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Sandy goes on the game

Added by 4 years ago

Redhead british mature getting ready to please her first client

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Th12345 1 month ago
So fucking horny!
andysounds 1 year ago
Hi, may I ask how you met her please? Is she contactable? Many thanks
in reply to gromit66 (Show the comment)
djol23 1 year ago
i love sandy - please pm me with any of her other vids - cheers!
lukeroxy 2 years ago
Great stuff! Thanks for posting.
kopites17 2 years ago
Shes now back on souther charms posting the same pics as before, so no new material from her.
xgeeex 2 years ago
She works 3 minute walk from where I work. Shame she only sees guys 30 and over.
lincs850 3 years ago
She is truly beautiful!
adventurer08540 3 years ago
A beautiful mature lady!
wallyhope 4 years ago
Got agree with your every word mightyou..
pete_stoke 4 years ago
Perfect milf
mightyou 4 years ago
I find this man disgusting. Thick as pigshit, disrespectful and unable to keep his small dick in. I've seen him with some of the best mature women in the UK- Sandy, Faith and he always ruins it. Sandy is a stunner and deserves better.
kopites17 4 years ago
Formally of southern charms and bukkake fame
maturebeffer 4 years ago
Nice ass to mouth
pat_plym 4 years ago
better than the last whore i had lol xxx
69man01 4 years ago
I must try and contact her; she must be fairly close to where I am. Would love to fuck her and the idea of Bukkake sounds good
sizeten 4 years ago
I've got to fuck that bitch.
tranny1961 4 years ago
she is so hot and there is one of floating about taking it up the arse
gromit66 4 years ago
I have tried her. Ok, this vid is at least 10 years old and I saw her about 3 years back. She doesn't do anal and has put a bit more weight on but was pleasant enough ... likes bukkake
3astender 4 years ago
I'll bet she's a good fuck.
gromit66 4 years ago
This is Sandy -

Around 4/5 miles south west of Brum
blondieboy1 4 years ago
Wow she is so fucking sexy she made me so hard would love to see more of her movies!!!!! Anyone know who she is
timnsueuk 4 years ago
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh giz her number i,ll have a cpl of quids worth
bonzobill 4 years ago
fantastic ,,,what is her number ???
andy38uk 4 years ago
when of my all time fave clips, he bangs her silly
redvan66 4 years ago
She bears an uncanny resemblance to my sister in law
patso 4 years ago
Ohhhh yessss
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