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Sarah hand & titjob

Published by joker5551 4 years ago
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subwhitesissypanty 3 months ago
Sarah Palin
_-OllO-_ 1 year ago
This is it
yakitty 1 year ago
absolutely stunning
hornyjohn1975 4 years ago
If America had a hot, gun-loving, hunting president who doled out titjobs, I think I'd emigrate there in a flash.
zombywuf2003 4 years ago
Sarah my ass. That's Lisa Ann and I would die to fuck her tits. Where's the rest of the video?
caca51 4 years ago
Mark59dJ 4 years ago
Don't you recognize Sarah Palin when you see her? Vote for her next time, she'll make the whole of the US come in no time.
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miklos 4 years ago
Great tits.
Eugen1433 4 years ago
Very hot
harryboy224 4 years ago
APS221 4 years ago
I think he's referring to the name of the character she is playing, the former governor of Alaska, and not the name of the actress.
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beaner5150 4 years ago
It's not Sarah! Get it right next time!
spatatissima 4 years ago
very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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