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schoolgirls get fucked in the bus

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naoekanemura 1 year ago
justinwagstaff 1 year ago
This is crap quality. Ms. Yoshino deserves more that 160 mbs!!!
brains_n_b3auty 2 years ago
watching this makes me cum so hard and wish it was me
rocrke 2 years ago
Japan has had to instate new antigroping law's for all there trains, and buses, because of video's like this. These prevert's would watch these video's, and think it was all right to try this on trains, and buses. This just goes to show you, how dumb some people can be...
tbe9 4 years ago
pgjk 5 years ago
Love the fantasy, they should install one of these cum recepticles on all buses it certainly would make bus rides intresting...just a few quirks

1) Why do all these japanese girls sound like squeaky toys, it sounds like the same exact soundtrack for all their schoolgirl vids.

2) How many buses come equipted with dildos, vibrators and gagging balls.

3 Why do these guys spend more than half of the video tormenting rather than actually screwing these girls ...seems like an awful waste of time. I'd have nailed her the entire trip :)
samol 5 years ago
Great ! A Japanese Vid WITHOUT the PIXILATIONS. More Please.
gavazzi 7 years ago
very,very good
pandaman260 7 years ago
loved it!
sonnysmith 7 years ago
really nice
puncture 7 years ago
Great vid. Nice body as usual. Like it when she grins as first bloke nearly falls over getting his pants off
Inmotion666 7 years ago
geile sache
iwatchu2 7 years ago
love the bus fantasy
masteG88 7 years ago
very sweet but Damm ladies please dont shave your beautiful cunts it makes you much more sexy thats your crown dont remove it but great creampie she was a pro ha ha ha
rebelsjors 7 years ago
on my next japan trip, i'll take a bus hmmmm
irishstud1967 7 years ago
nice one.
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