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SekushiLover - Celeb Fap Challenge: Nicki Minaj

Published by SekushiLover 2 years ago

Nicki Minaj has one hell of a big "fake" ass

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fuckingfunny77 1 month ago
love her huge arse .
CoCock110 3 months ago
joj309 4 months ago
Yees, thank you and you are right 
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GrandeCazzo 5 months ago
amazing gif profile and the black goddess nicky minaj prefer the white cock
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joj309 5 months ago
1:26 and I cumming
IIIIIAnonymousIIIII 1 year ago
She's always teasing, so this does nothing for me. I which she'd just get butt ass naked and let the world watch already
bluetay27 1 year ago
1:42 what song video is that from?
I feel some shame for fapping to this because one I HATE this song but two it's literally her most fappable song and I don't find her all that attractive to be honest. This shit is hot though.
NMLOVER 1 year ago
God yes.
celebwhorelover 1 year ago
Mmmmm what a goddess, I love her
oliveti 1 year ago
de quoi bien se vider...
Jhonnydeepthroat04 1 year ago
You admit young pirate that it is not for the Final Facial ...... What makes a little less pornographic the result
in reply to SekushiLover (Show the comment)
SekushiLover 1 year ago
Well, with 75,000 views, I beg to differ :)
in reply to Jhonnydeepthroat04 (Show the comment)
SekushiLover 1 year ago
I love her too, and you're welcome :)
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tiger2827 2 years ago
love shooting big fucking loads to nicki.
Jhonnydeepthroat04 2 years ago
We are on a porn site not on MTV young pirate
in reply to SekushiLover (Show the comment)
Jhonnydeepthroat04 2 years ago
Capt'n vogue on several languages
in reply to SekushiLover (Show the comment)
SekushiLover 2 years ago
In English?
in reply to Jhonnydeepthroat04 (Show the comment)
big_boy_87 2 years ago
i love Nicki Minaj, thanks for that hot video
wantsumd 2 years ago
juniorgb 2 years ago
bubblebuttbonanza 2 years ago
If I see her alone I'm gonna fuck the plastic off of her
Jhonnydeepthroat04 2 years ago
On est sur un site de cul ici pas sur trace TV
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